Saturday, February 25, 2017

ACT Masters XC Handicap : Central Curtin 6.3km

No much XC running in this handicap. Just the climb up and down to the summit on fire trail, maybe 1km of 6.3km. The rest on narrow bike path with a few 90 degree turns. Weather was cool with a stiff breeze.

My run a near identical time to last year as M50. I felt very good out there.

Splits: 3:54 (up), 3:15 (up and down), 3:23, 3:23 (flat), 3:49 (up), 4:47 (1.3km up). 22nd place across the line. Results later.

Gary won the short course race on handicap with a belly minus some beer.

Friday, February 24, 2017

1500m Set : Stromlo XC Intervals 3 x 600m ; ACT Masters 10000m Slo Mo ; Keith in Bemboka

This morning at Stromlo with Helen, Roger and Emma, only Emma and myself doing set. Weather cloudy, just a breeze, cool. Nice for running.

The set: 2500m warm up, 6 x 100m strides, 3 x 600m efforts with first effort as warm up (2:03, 1:44, 1:43), 3000m warm down. Emma splits: 2:06, 2:12, 2:08.

Being fully tapered and with all the good nutrition the power has come back. My quickest set of this type, equal to late December and late September last year.

Tomorrow a cross country / bike path handicap race of 6.3km. A track session 800m + 1500m speeds on Monday or Tuesday. Thursday racing over One Mile and 3000m, aiming for ACT M55 records for both.

This afternoon an easy recovery run to make up 22km for the day, 95km last 7 days. Volume over next 4-5 weeks will be 110km/week with an easy day on Wednesday before track meet on Thursday. I will do one high volume week from April 1 (150km), then two weeks of preparation for another racing block.

Keith in Bemboka 2000m 7:02, 1500m 5:27, 1200m 4:26, 3min effort, 90 second effort all done on undulating gravel road. Usual warm up, warm down with strides.

Steve is still in recovery mode, Jane is still flying.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

ACT Masters 10000m Championships

Weather not as bad as it was earlier in the day. Started the run at 32 degrees light winds, I finished at 30 degrees no wind, very low humidity. I had Minnie handing me a bidon or cup of water every lap except the first lap. That got me around 25 laps in better shape than all the other competitors. Minnie said those who took no water totally cracked in the second half. One or two had the wobbles.

I only got 3 laps in before I cooked. I found a steady rhythm at 85 second laps to get me home safely. Now the fun begins...a month of 1500m / 800m training and racing (unless I get injured in the process). Next week on track a Mile and a 3000m. Next set on grass at Stromlo. I'll see how I feel on day to decide set. I ran to work this morning, felt good.

Lap sheet and results below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wednesday Ketchup : Keith 3 x 1000m ; Jane 5 x 3 min

Keith in Bemboka 3 x 1000m (3:27, 3:24, 3:19) on undulating dirt road plus warm up, warm down and strides. That's Keith's best set this build up.

Jane has been chipping away at form while Steve has had a niggle in the shin. Yesterday Jane 5 x 3 minuet efforts average 4:10/km. Last week it was 4:17/km. Form comes back quick with Jane. Steve is possibly done for the summer with that shin.

Of me: Final day of 10 day taper. 50 minutes run yesterday, 5km run today including some strides. 85km last 7 days. The legs should be good for Thursday evening and the 10000m even if the weather is not. Still 36 degrees and windy the forecast.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Stromlo XC Intervals : 2*300m, 2*400m

Weather sunny, windy and warm (not hot). It didn't quite go to plan this afternoon with mobs of kangaroos eating the grass and only me to scare them off. I broke stride during my first effort after 350m and ran up an embankment to avoid them all, then continued on with shorter intervals.

The set (a short 10km): 2500m warm up, 5 x 100m hill strides with jog back recovery, 300m (50), 300m (52), 400m (71), 400m (71) all with short recovery, warm down to make up 10km.

That's it until Thursday evening and the 10000m. 10km jog with a few strides tomorrow, 5km jog with a few strides on Wednesday. Thursday weather still looking like hot and 36 degrees, windy as well. It can't be as bad as that surely!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stromlo XC Intervals : 2 x 1000m (again) ; Keith in Bemboka

This morning at Stromlo again, basically same set as yesterday and same two sets as used in taper for World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth. Rain yesterday has slowed the track up a little. Temperature cool and sunny, just a breeze, nice for running.

The set: 2500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2 x 1000m with 1000m jog recovery, 1000m warm down. 50 minutes easy scheduled for later this afternoon.

Splits yesterday: 3:06, 3:00. Today: 3:01, 3:01. Weekend before Perth WMA: Saturday: 3:03, 2:58. Sunday: 3:03, 3:03. Not much difference there. All is good.

Keith in Bemboka 20km this morning including 5 x 800m-1000m pickups during the run. Keith showing steady progress over the last couple of months. Key is to minimise the niggles and stay on track.

Tomorrow morning on grass 3-4 x 600m and 10km all up. I'm looking for at least 1 effort in the low 1:40s. Then it's just jogging and strides until Thursday and the 10000m on track. Weather still says 35 degrees and maybe some wind. Not ideal but I'll have a crack at sub-34 minutes.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Stromlo XC Intervals : 2 x 1000m

This morning at Stromlo mostly cloudy, some drizzle, some wind. Just a few of us there.

The set: 3500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2 x 1000m (3:06, 3:00) with 1000m jog recovery, 2500m warm down. Ann quickest of the others 4:06, 4:05.

This afternoon an easy 25 minutes. Tomorrow at Stromlo again 17km including a 2000m effort.