World Masters Games Auckland : M55-59 5000m 1st 16:45

World Masters Games M55 5000m 16:45. I ran the first 1500m as I would the 1500m heat tomorrow (an even paced 4:45) just in case the M55 1500m goes straight to final the following day. It was windy in the home straight and blew harder as the race progressed.

David Riches 2nd chased me for a few laps. He goes into M60 in May as a hot contender for the new age group.

Short Run 5km with Strides : World Masters Games Auckland Day -1

Today the half marathon and 10km road races on a basically flat course with little wind. Times were quick among the top places. Sally Gibbs 36min+ in the women.

I watched, relaxed and ran 25 minutes in the afternoon with some faster bursts. Nothing taxing.

Minnie and Robyn B ran in the Auckland Parkrun. Steve and Jane are continuing their slow build up to form in Oz.

Racing begins for me tomorrow in the 5000m track.

Long Run 17km : World Masters Games Auckland Day -2

Long run of 17km from home to the airport very early in the morning. I spent the rest of the day in transit arriving at the Auckland Airport hotel of my choice. Two days to go until the 5000m track, my first race. Tomorrow is registration day and a very short run of 5km with strides and stretching.

Schedule is Sunday 5000m, Monday 1500m heat (possibly not, 19 entered and 16 make a final), Tuesday 1500m final, Thursday 10000m track, Sunday 8000m XC. 800m heat and final are immediately before and after 10000m. Rain is expected that day. I will consider overnight if I keep the 800m in play.

BBQ Stakes 6km Handicap : 21:36

Perfect weather again for a low key lunch time handicap race over 6km on a hilly, mostly XC course. 21:36 my quickest of this year, felt like my slowest after a very hard week of sessions. Helen also posted a recent best, back under 30 minutes again.

That's it for me until World Masters Games in Auckland. Just jogging every day mixed in with a couple of sets of strides.

Long XC Intervals : 4 x 4 minute efforts, 60 seconds jog recovery

At Stromlo XC circuit for a lunch time session of 4 x 4 minute efforts with 60 seconds jog recovery. Warm up and 5 x 100m strides plus warm down made it 10km. A 4km jog in the afternoon leaves me with 120km last 7 days, down from 140km five days ago. Weather was perfect again. Next set on Thursday, a short fast session without taking any risks.

1500m Set : 3 x 600m XC Intervals with 400m jog recovery

At Stromlo XC Circuit this morning, weather perfect again. Set of 3 x 600m efforts with 400m jog recovery. Splits: 1:45, 1:44, 1:45. Times were 2 seconds quicker for each effort than the set three days ago and very near my best set of this type. The taper for World Masters Games in Auckland is working nicely.

The usual warm up, warm down and 5 x 100m strides. A 9km loosener this afternoon to make it 16km for the day. Next set on Wednesday, it will be short and fast again.

City2Surf entries open on Wednesday.

Long Recovery Run 17km

This morning a long recovery run of 17km. It was cold, the first morning I've had to wear gloves. Warmed up for a lovely autumn day picnic. Volume is now down from 140km two days ago to 125km last 7 days. It will only reduce slowly until mid-week and then quickly reduce to 85km by next Sunday, 5000m race in World Masters Games, Auckland.

Next set tomorrow 1500m specific 4-5 x 600m XC efforts at Stromlo. The Stawell Gift pro athletics carnival is on TV in the afternoon.