Thursday, September 29, 2016

Keith in Bega : 600m,500m,400m,300m,200m,100m

Keith in Bega 2km warm up, 5 x 100m (19,18,17,18,18), 600m 2:06, 500m 1:42, 400m 80, 300m 58, 200m 38, 100m 16 all with 90 seconds recovery, 2km warm down. It was windy for much of the session, all done on soft, lush, green grass.

Helen was back into it today after a head cold, ran a solid 10km at Stromlo. Also windy there. Minnie had day off. I ran 16km.

No work for me in the next six weeks. Plenty of time to do some stretching and potter in the garden.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3000m Paced Lactate Track Intervals : 5 x 600m

On track for a change. Weather sunny warm to cool, some wind. Solo session.

The set: 10km warm up, 4 x 100m (19,17,16,16,15), 5 x 600m efforts off 2 minutes recovery jog, Splits: 1:49, 1:49, 1:50, 1:49, 1:43, 5km warm down.

Keith in Bega wore gear appropriate for magpie swooping season. There will be no swooping tomorrow, another deluge coming our way.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stromlo XC Recovery Day 10 x 200m ; Keith in Bega

An easy recovery day for me on grass, only 11km with 10 x 200m strides at 3:20/km just to keep the leg speed ticking along. It was very cold and windy, I postponed the session until tomorrow, maybe on track, expected to be warm and light winds. Helen had a virus. Minnie ran 3 x 600m efforts and her quickest session for the season.

Keith in Bega away from the wind on treadmill 4 x 2 minute efforts with 2 minutes recovery. Pace at 15kph,16kph,17kph,18kph.

Monday, September 26, 2016

ACT Masters King and Queen on the Mountain ; Stromlo XC Intervals 5 x 600m, 2 mins 400m jog recovery

After four races on our most hilly courses the lucrative Queen and King on the Mountain are decided. I think prizes of vouchers and wine only go to first two places. Kathy, Helen, Katie (if the lovely Gwen is ineligible for being impossible to calculate) and Ken helped fill four of the top two places in the short Queen and King of long course Thomas series and short course Frylink series. Minnie and Consie up there too. Results below.

It was a public holiday in Canberra. Minnie, Bella and I shared coffee and beer battered chips by the lake on our day off.

Prior to that I snuck out to Stromlo for a bonus XC set. The set long warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 5 x 600m (1:54, 1:54, 1:54, 1:55, 1:51) with 400m jog recovery in less than 2 minutes. Wind was 20-30kph against for most of it. Course edge was being mowed, no sign of the swooping magpies. I felt a bit fatigued but in control. Flat out session similar scheduled for tomorrow (weather depending,Wednesday looks great, Thursday another flood).

I ran 45 minute late in the day to tick off another 120km week, down from a peak of 140km a month ago. One more week of 120km before dropping to 110km and finally 80-85km in taper mode the final 10 days before World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ACT Masters XC Handicap O'Connor Ridge 8km

O'Connor Ridge is one of our toughest courses. It's relentlessly hilly, rough fire trail and today muddy in places. Weather was mostly sunny, some wind, cool to warm.

Helen, Kathy and Minnie all ran the long course along with myself. Helen 10th across line and 3rd on handicap, Minnie 13th across line, myself 17th, Kathy a bit further back (passed her with 500m to go).

I actually got lost out there with a few other back markers. Something happened with the course markings and marshalls that only affected the last runners to start. Despite that I had a great run after losing 45 seconds out there at the unmarked turn. 19km for the morning. I will only do a short loosener later in the day. Results later.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Stromlo Long XC Intervals ; Keith wins Bermagui Fun Run in three-peat

Spring like morning with full sun, warmish and only a hint of a breeze. Track is still slow, wet and muddy. Just myself early, then group training. Swooping magpie forced us to change late session onto different part of circuit.

My set: Long warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2000m 6:34, 1000m 3:17, 1000m 3:15, long warm down. I will run again in the afternoon around 30 minutes to keep volume at 120km last 7 days.

Late set: Warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 4 x 600m efforts paced by me at 4:00/km except the last effort when I ran full gas, warm down. Helen and Anne were quickest. Kathy and Helen only 2 efforts. Most of us racing a hilly 8km XC handicap tomorrow.

Keith in Bermagui won the local fun run for the third year straight. Not bad for a 59 year old. 5.4km in 20:15 Splits: 3km 10:50, last 2.4km 9:15 roughly. 14km for the morning.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stromlo XC : 4400m Tempo ; Keith in Bega Power Efforts

At Stromlo XC Circuit again. Rain throughout yesterday left the track sodden, muddy and slippery again. It was tough going. Wind was from the south at 30-35kph. Surprisingly warm at 14 degrees. Instead of power sprints we opted for a solid tempo run with some added fun. Just Helen and myself for the initial tempo, Minnie arrived while we warmed down, did same tempo.

The set: long warm up, 5 x 100m strides, XC tempo run on 1000m loop, long warm down.

The XC tempo was as follows: Helen and I start together, I paced at 4:30/km for 300m (Helen's max threshold in benign conditions) then both at maximum threshold. Theoretically I would lap Helen after I had run 4300m and Helen 3300m (1min/km difference). Sort of race although I didn't catch her until I had run 4350m which was close.

In simple terms I ran 4050m at max threshold, even paced at 3:28/km, Helen 3350m at max threshold around 4:30/km. We were dead into the wind for 660m each loop. Did I say it was tough?

Keith in Bega the session we would normally do. After warm up and 100m strides 17-18sec into wind, also on boggy track. 600m 2:06, 500m, 400m 80, 300m 59, 200m 36, 100m 17. It was as windy down there as it was here.

Next session Saturday. I'll see how I am going on the day. Sunday is 8km XC on a very tough course, lots of hills and rough surface. We will all be at our maximum on the day.