Monday, May 30, 2016

Strength Hills : Tour de France Stage at Mont Ventoux ; Recovery Run 20km

Maps and time schedules can be found for this years Tour de France if you know where to look. They won't go up on the official site until later in June and some souvenir official magazines have been sold.

My first stage visit this year will be at Mont Ventoux. The daily run will be a 500m altitude ascension to 1900m and descend back to 1400m asl. The rocky trail from Mont Serein (the other side of the tour route)is shorter and through the forest mostly. The road route is longer but quicker. Both directions will not take more than 90 minutes up and back. A relentless 50 minutes up and 40 minute jog back down. It's usually sunny and windy in July.

There are three roads that will take us to Mont Ventoux. Bedoin along the normal Tour de France route, the sometimes used route from Maulucene and the never used route from Sault (too easy). There are markets in all three villages with luscious produce.

Today was a too easy 20km jog, mostly on soft surfaces. Next set tomorrow on track!!

Some random images from 2011 and 2013.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

ACT Masters XC Handicap Callum Brae 8km & 4km ; Merimbula Fun Run 10km

Weather in Canberra cold, still, foggy. Weather in Merimbula windy and warmer.

Callum Brae 8km: Top 4 places on handicap finished within 9 seconds. Helen was 3rd, I was 4th.

Callum Brae 4km: Ken 2nd

Course was rough fire trail with a major climb in the middle of each 4km lap. I hardly saw anyone on the first lap, almost everyone on the last lap starting as back marker 39 minutes after scratch.

Splits: 3:24, 3:24,4:48(up);3:30(up and down),3:24,4:21(up),3:55(up and down),3:08 =29:35. Almost a flawless run, faster up the second climb and 3:08 last kilometre attempting to catch the leaders. Helen ran 37:25ish with 6:00+/km up the climb.

In Merimbula Fun Run 10km Keith was 1st M50 38:39 (37:49 in 2015), windy conditions. Keith may have done too much carting wood yesterday to stay warm.

Friday, May 27, 2016

5000m Paced XC Intervals : 7 x 3 minutes

It's one of those days when the sun doesn't come out and the temperature struggles to get past 5 degrees. It was 3-4 degrees when we did our set.

The set: 3500m warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 7 x 3 minute efforts at 3:10/km or better with 60 seconds jog recovery, 3500m warm down. None of the faster girls were there so I had to run faster and further retracing my steps to go back to the girls and count in the next effort.

Brunch was a welcome relief out of the cold. I'll be resting inside until my 30 minute jog loosener unless the sun comes out later in the day.

Tomorrow a cross country handicap around 8km. I'll be running very fast up the hills. It's a new course so I don't really know what to expect.

Keith is racing his local fun run 10km. Good luck Keith.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

World Masters Athletics Championships Perth 2016 : 5 Months to go

Five months to go until my first event in World Masters Athletics Championships Perth. There are always ups and downs in any training cycle. I'm feeling very positive about where I'm at, still more work to do. I'd have to say I'm in better shape now than I have been since 2012. Better shape than in Lyon or Adelaide a month ago even. Only thing missing is leg speed which can be put back when it's time according to the periodisation I've scheduled. Average volume for May with be 125km+/week, in line with May 2015. The next two months will be similar.

A reminder and update:

Working backwards from Perth WMA in October November: The schedule for me there 8000m XC, two days rest, 5000m, two days rest, 10000m, a few days rest Half Marathon.

I'll be using the current form I have to build into a preparatory period that lasts another two-three months long, broken up by the usual July holiday in France and concludes with City2Surf 14km road race in Sydney on August 14. It will include two races a month of 10km or more (except July) and a simple training structure. Volume of training will continue to be average of 110km per month or more

Training Overview - Preparatory Period June-August

Training Goal: Aim to fit in no more than 3 of the sessions below each week

Long step down intervals, long recovery: 2000m-400m with 4 minutes recovery at race pace on track or cross country surface

Long intervals at 5000m pace: 2-5 x 800m efforts at 2:32 or better with 3 minutes recovery on track or cross country surface 4-7 x 3 minute intervals with 60 seconds jog recovery.

Strength Hills: 2-4 hill loops of 4 minutes (1.1km) on slight to moderate incline, some faster sections jog/walk back recovery. I will be in France / Switzerland in July, will include climbs up some big mountains at altitude. More on that soon.

Race on road or cross country or time trial

Long Runs with Strength Hills ; Keith in Bemboka

The last two days a little ugly for running fast. I ran the same long run on both days of 17km with two long climbs each day which were run at lower threshold. I won't do a session until Saturday (4 x 3 minute efforts on grass), Sunday is a hilly XC handicap of around 8km. I don't know the course but will push to my limit up the hills.

Today Keith in Bemboka ran a 2km loop to avoid the mud. 2km warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 800m 2:38, 400m jog, 400m 73, 400m jog, 200m 33. Keith is racing on Sunday in a high profile local race. Good luck Keith.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5000m Paced XC Intervals : 4 x 3 minutes

Weather cool, very windy, set done just before sunset...running out of light with this set and will run out more until 25 June or so. At Stromlo once again, just Helen and myself.

The set: 2500m warm up, 4 x 100 strides, 4 x 3 minute intervals on the undulating hill and gully loops with 60 seconds jog recovery, 2500m warm down. Pace for me was close to flat out 3:10/km or better, around 4:10/km for Helen. I did manage a run at lunch and a short extra warm down in the dark with the dog.

Next set on Thursday 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute intervals if the weather is kind.

Keith in Bemboka found the winds down there tough as well.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Australian Masters Athletics Championships 2017 : Darwin, NT

I honestly thought I would miss this Championships, I saw the flyer today, checked out the logistics, booked a hotel...I'm IN.

What this means in terms of periodisation...World Masters Athletics Perth Oct/Nov 2016 ; Jan27 2017 age 55 ; April 2017 World Masters Games Auckland NZ ; June 2017 Australian Masters Athletics Darwin ; June-August 2017 Tour de France / Europe. Well that's too much to take seriously all those events but makes for some nice holidays.