Friday, October 24, 2014

Bruce Ridge : 5 x 3 minute intervals

A few out this morning but with ACT Masters XC handicap tomorrow I was the only person giving 100% (although some went through the motions). The set: Long 6km warm up, 5 x 3 minute intervals on the undulating bush fire trails to the gate and back with 30 second recovery between efforts, warm down. I will do another run this afternoon to make up 20km for the day.

Tomorrow the short 5km xc handicap for me. It is all up at the start, basically flat to the turn and back, downhill finish. It could be windy and warm to hot. My last handicap xc for the year so I will give 100% again, see if I can get my age standard% into the 90s again.

As of Monday I will begin to ease off the volume, currently over 130km for the week, down to a level around 100km or so. I will begin my racing block with the One Hour on track this Thursday, hoping to improve on my last two efforts again. From there on it will be racing every week 100% until I am either satisfied with the results for 2014 or injured (let's hope not). 3000m, 5000m and 10000m year bests would be good. I also run the 15km City2Sea in Melbourne mid-November. In between there will be some targeted sessions to keep me on the improve. The races will determine what those are.

Steve has been otherwise occupied this week. He has managed to keep shape with some short lactate intervals and 5 x 3 minute efforts. Jane has resumed exercise again.

Tour de France 2015

After 102 Tour de France stages since 2008 only +1=103 in 2015. Already the route is announced a day or two ago and before that the airlines already booked. The final stage will begin in Sevres, not so far from the finish on Champs Elysees, just across the river Seine and a short ride on the Metro (or even a run). Of course the finish will be in twilight and the hotel is booked already 300m from the final laps below Arc de Triomphe (same hotel used for Marathon de Paris 2014).

The question? To spend $400 for a seat along side the Champs Elysees or just do on the cheap and take in the vibe...of course the option of staking a place on the barriers is on, just means x 10 deep behind and much squishing. What do you think?

First visit the start ; Second do on the cheap ; Third Fourth Fifth pay $400.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ACT Masters Track Week 2

WOW where to start? Thunder and lightning for hours but not a drop of rain at track. Last race of the evening in near perfect conditions a 3000m / 5000m. I was totally stuffed before the race even started. Keith was going for the ACT Masters M55 3000m record and I was there to support him. To be honest I could barely keep up for the first 2 laps, spot on 80 seconds each [I was running in lane 2 along-side]. Finally the pace slowed a touch, 3:24 through 1000m, I took the lead into lane 1 briefly on a straight (we were already lapping runners), I slipped into 3:20/km pace (mostly in lane 2,3 or 4) and held that pace the finish. Keith flogged himself to the end, probably lost 2 seconds in the final 20 metres by mentally stopping, but still ran within a second or so of his best time last year (10:25). A great run for Keith and for me enlightening as his mentor. 10:14 is do-able for him with more work at the right paces. Helen much quicker than last week, even on a warm down. Kathy definitely a warm down after Pennington 1500m.

Pennington 1500m Handicap. I've got to admit I was stung by not winning a single race (800m,1500m,3000m) in the 2012/2013 season despite running very well. The two Kathys were too good back then. I had to fight very hard tonight again, absolutely flat out, caught Kathy W60 with 300m to go (after running 2:59 first kilometre mostly in lane 2), 4:35 finish time easing up (Kathy 6:03). Very happy with that (7 straight wins). Helen also very good.

Emma 2000m steeple, 100m, 400m, 4 x 200m, first 2 laps 3000m. SK returns to Pennington and not too shabby after missing most last year. Roget sole survivor almost of the 5000m.

Of me: 130km this last 7 days. Next Thursday One Hour Run. If conditions are expected to be good I will ease off from Monday. If not either in Melbourne for Victorian 5000m Championships lower grades or here at ACT Masters Track 5000m same evening the following week.

Minus 3 seconds from Net Time above...the diff between the electronic gun and the person calling 2:35, 2:36, 2:37 and starting the manual watch too late!! Team US: 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 11th

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Long Run Arboretum 18km : Gough Whitlam : No d'feet

Today a long run in the Arboretum. Felt pretty good, ran faster than I needed to, saw Maria, Gabe with broken wrist and Tori on the long straight doing their long intervals.

Steve otherwise absent this week did 5 x 3 minute efforts at 3:27/km.

Gough Whitlam died today. I was someone of not voting age in his electorate of Werriwa when he came to office as Prime Minister...vale Gough.

Keith had his paddock mowed...this is what he trains on in Bega.

No d'feet...a bit of a blast from the things were when adults were innocent enough to be children. Three videos go together.

Monday, October 20, 2014

AIS Track : Short Lactate Intervals : Keith in Bega

Keith in Bega 5 x 300m (58,58,55,58,57), 2 x 200m (38,36), 100m (17) on dirt track.

AIS Track: Helen and I did 600m, 300m x 3 with 100m recovery. It was very windy and cool once again. Loads of children everywhere which is good and chaotic. I paced Helen in her set at 4:00/km. She was well under schedule on her set 5:47 total for 1500m.

Of me: 4 x 100m (finally got in the 14s without straining, the Sunday hills helped). Cumulative of 4:25 for the set. Still plenty of work to do but my first set in the 2:50s/km.

Kathy did a similar set in Sydney. Kathy, Helen and I will all do the Pennington Handicap 1500m on Thursday. We should all come together somewhere in the last lap.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Long Run incl 10 x 80m power hills : Weston Creek Fun Run

Long run this morning down to the lake and towards work on bike path. Loads of bikes out there. I had in mind to do some hills on a short and steep little climb (where I first realised my ankle was super dodgy four years ago). There were too many bikes so I used the road along side...same gradient but no bikes or cars. In the end a continuous 90 minutes with 10 x 80 metre power hills. Started at 13 seconds and was down to 11 seconds by the end of the set, almost flat out.

Steve did Weston Creek Fun Run today. 3rd place in 21:46, an accurate 6km. Adrian Kennett 2nd passed Steve with 500m to go. Young Joshua too quick for most in the ACT these days the winner. I usually do it for the great spot prizes but not today. It is a slow course, all up for 2km and with some sharp dead turns on concrete at 90 degree right angles. The last kilometre again all up to finish.

Of me: Track this week. A handicap 1500m on Thursday with the possibility of a 3000m / 5000m at 8pm in nice conditions for running. A shame I have to do the 1500m really but there is a huge silver pot up for grabs in the 3 race series (800m, 1500m, 3000m). Kathy is my biggest rival aged 60+ and running really well. As her mentor I will get her to do the same set as me on Monday or Tuesday. I'm not confident over 1500m now so the set will be 1000m, 300m, 200m on short break of 30 seconds. If I can get through 1000m under 3:00 I will be a little more confident. I have to give Kathy 75 seconds head start. Kathy will run the entire race in lane 1. I will have to run around 4:40 mostly in lane 2. If I get through the 1500m without burning too much petrol I will run a late 3000m / 5000m as well. Glorified training session #2.

Friday, October 17, 2014

AIS Track : 2000m, 3 x 1000m

Perfect weather again, cool, no wind, blue skies. The set: 6.5km warm up, 4 x 100m, 2000m, 3 x 1000m.

The splits:
Keith: 6:50, 3:25, 3:23, 3:18
Helen: 6:36 (1600m), 4:08, 4:09
Me: 6:25, 3:07, 3:07, 3:07

Maria and Julia also did some of the efforts. Emma did sprints with Garry the Rabbit. I paced Helen in the 1600m.

Of me: 90 minutes long run yesterday. I had to work off a birthday lunch. Today pretty much the same 5000m pace as I have been doing. I was tired in the 2000m from yesterday the long run. No niggles today. Another run in the afternoon today, a long run tmoz.