Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2015 vs September 2016 : Training for World Masters Athletics Championships

This time last year I was 5 weeks out from World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon. I had a good five weeks of training and racing with a few mistakes along the way (1.Missed my taper by a couple of days). Highlight in the lead up to WMA was Sutherland2Surf 11km. Splits of 3km 9:15, 5km 15:57 and 10km in 33:13 was a good indication of my form and results in Lyon when adding in the wind and hot French weather. Training diary excerpt below.

So here I am 1 July again, still 11 weeks before mid-September 2016 when I start that final 5 week build up to form for WMA and the same form is there already. All I can do now is stuff it up.

Training Plan July: Week 1 On holidays at home. Running late morning, almost always at Stromlo XC Circuit with either hard session or jogging. Training followed by watching Tour de France on French Television on delay by a few hours (from Australia).

Week 2: In France adjusting to climate, spending 5 days at the foothills of Mont Ventoux (1400m asl), some runs to summit (1911m asl). Visit food markets in the morning. Wait until Tour de France comes on July 14 (Bastille Day). Watch Tour de France previous days from the car TV.

Week 3: Chasing Tour de France with more climbing days (Culoz, Sallanches) and some fast flat sessions in between.

Week 4: More climbing days (Chamonix, Megeve, Switzerland), 1-2 fast flat days. Back to Australia. I should average 130km/week for the month. Tricky part will be getting in the weekly 5000m paced session.

Next races: 31 July XC Handicap 8km?, 14 August City2Surf 14km. 4 September Canberra Times Fun Run 10.1km. City2Surf will mark end of base training block. I should be in great racing form at Canberra Times Fun Run, ready for that final 5 week training and racing block which begins 2 weeks after Canberra Times Fun Run.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Short Progressive XC Intervals : 6 x 300m @ 5000m to 800m Pace ; Keith in Bega : Tempo Run 7km

This morning cold, some wind and sunny (finally). The set: 5km warm up, 6 x 300m (58,55,56,55,54,50), 3km warm down plus run with the dog. All up 14km this morning, 6km loosener in the afternoon.

Saturday at Stromlo will be an 8km and 16km XC race. As the XC circuit is booked by that race and starts same time as our session I will turn up early and run a tempo 5km, I don't need a race having raced the last two weekends. Kathy is doing the 8km race. As far as I know everyone else is away (or injured).

Keith this morning in Bega a tempo run of 7km. Splits: 3:53, 3:52, 3:57, 3:47, 3:45, 3:49, 3:41 = 26:47 and six seconds quicker than last week. Given the variable terrain and wind for all directions the splits show Keith was very consistent and strong throughout the run.

After the run an early opener at the pub for a coffee and crisps with Minnie and Bella the Border Collie.

Keith in Bemboka : Long Step Down Intervals

Keith 3km warm up, 5 x 100m in 17 seconds, 2000m 7:20, 1520m 5:20, 1200m 4:16, 830m 2:59, 400m 78, 3 min recovery jog, 3km warm down plus PM session with kids. That's a great set in this weather.

Not much from me, just getting the volume done. I might have to wait until Saturday for a session. I did try some strides on track but couldn't get below 17 for 100m after 5 efforts so abandoned set (temperature below 5 degrees).

On the positive June is done, another big month. I've stopped work until August so July will be better, especially in Europe where it is 30 degrees at present.

Stats below.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Keith in Bega : 6 x 400m

Keith in Bega on a fresh cut track ran 6 x 400m (79,77,79,82,78,80). Surface was a bit mushy after all the rain and the mower was cutting during truth that Keith lost his shoe laces in the process.

I did a lazy 15km after work. A little sore from yesterday and the fast downhill finish. No session planned until Thursday.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

ACT Masters XC Handicap 9.3km ; Snow Person Eating Dog

Minus 5 degrees, cloudy, no wind...It was very cold wearing ear muffs, gloves and tri-suit to keep the chill out, arms were freezing and numb most of the race.

The course once again affected by rain with mud, puddles, erosion, a fallen tree affecting the course. It was worse last week so we should be lucky it dried out a little. The course undulating with several steep climbs, the final 1km climb up over Majura saddle is brutal and is followed by a very fast descent of 1km.

I started as back marker as always, caught most of the faster runners by the top of the saddle, still had loads of work to do on the final descent. Despite running 2:51 last kilometre I ended up 5th on handicap, one step away from 3rd (Roger was 4th who saw me coming). All up another great run with 135km in my legs last 7 days. I broke M50 record set in 1994 by well over 2 minutes.

I saw Gabe out there, passed Kathy just before the top of the saddle, Minnie half way down the final descent. KT won the short course that finished earlier and put herself into contention for Queen on Mountain.

Of me: 95% age standard today, my best of the year. Results below.

That's the end of week 10 in a 16 week build up. I'm happy with where I'm at. A similar build up to last year in terms of volume with 18 months average 120km+ and every month average average 110km+. I also have most of my leg speed from the track season.

Next few days in recovery mode. Next session on Thursday with 5000m paced XC intervals. No racing scheduled before I leave for Europe in a couple of weeks.

Friday, June 24, 2016

1500m Paced XC Intervals ; Keith In Bega ; Bella in the Snow

A cold start and gorgeous day. Blue skies, crisp air, warming sun. With a 9.3km XC handicap race tomorrow a light session of 14km with some 1500m paced xc efforts. Just enough to keep the leg speed going, nothing more.

Just Roget, Kathy and myself. The set: 6500m warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 4 x 400m (71,68,68,66)on 1km loop, 3500m warm down. Kathy ran all in 96-98 seconds. Roget a little quicker.

Yesterday Keith in Bega 7km tempo at 3:50-4:00/km (26:53). It wasn't great weather.

After the session and coffee we took Border Collie Bella to play in what was left of the snow on the lower slopes of the Brindabella Ranges. I could have driven further to find much more snow but the trusty Toyota Corolla is no 4WD on a muddy track.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

5000m Paced XC Intervals

Another 17km done yesterday including some 5000m paced intervals on the Stromlo XC circuit. Surface was muddy and slippery on the inside line. I didn't wear spikes so reduced the speed a little and ran 4 x 300m efforts (61,57,56,57).

Today the weather looking awful as a cold front passes through. Possible snow or light hail, thunder with strong winds. No doubt I'll get out there when I can.

Next set on Saturday, similar to yesterday. Main focus is a brutal 9.3km XC handicap race on Sunday. I'll be going all out for the win from scratch.