Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Long Run...another one

Another easy recovery run, 90 minutes all up which is the maximum I've set myself for a year. Quite snappy at the end, ran with Bella in the first part. At people age of 75 she is able to maintain 4:00/km for 8km but no quicker unless she sees some kangaroo.

Ankle is fine, I feel it sometimes but it is not sore to run on at all. Still icing multiple times a day. Even if I am good it will be weeks until it is rock solid. Such a long time until things matter luckily. One week less than a year until it really matters (World Masters in Lyon)and almost 8 months until Australian Masters Athletics in Bankstown. Time is still on my side so I can be patient.

Tomorrow we begin again with a couple of sets of strides and some 5000m pace work with long recovery. Will probably be some undulating 800m efforts at Stromlo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stromlo XC : 5000m long intervals or 5 x 1000m

Jane was first at it this morning with the set 5 x 1000m, 1 minute jog recovery and an average of around 3:50/km on a firm surface.

Steve and I were next in the afternoon at Stromlo. We ran 5000m using the accurate 2000m x 2 and 1000m loop. It was cool and windy with a soft, wet track a few seconds/km slower than Saturday due to the recent downpour. At the bottom of the course and in the middle of the track was a mob of kangaroos (maybe 20-30) bounding everywhere, most of the females of age had joeys in the pouch. We ran the 5000m as a maximum threshold interval set of 3 minutes hard, 30 second jog (around 100m) with the 4th effort around 4 minutes. With only 30 seconds recovery lactate build-up would have slowed our efforts in the final part of the session but neither of us cracked (good pace judgement for us). The intervals were done at 3:25-3:30/km for me, slightly slower for Steve. An adjusted time equivalent for me would be around 16:40 on track and 16:55 for Steve. Very encouraging to see Steve so close at the finish and a huge improvement on last year already.

Tori and Gabe were there late. We left after they finished warm up but were also doing 5 x 1000m.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Run

Both today and yesterday were long runs of around 80 minutes. Yesterday was sluggish, today was snappy. That's four long runs in the last week since City2Surf debacle. The ankle is pretty sound now, no pain on runs and still icing every day...back to business as usual.

This week we will start to feed more speed into our Thursday set with some extra strides and faster sets. That should feed into the Saturday set and then into the Canberra Times 10km Fun Run in three weeks. We all should know then where we are at.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Stromlo XC : 2000m, 1500m, 1200m, 800m, 400m

The usual Stromlo set for Jane, Steve and myself. You would expect either a jump in form or a slump in form depending on how much City2Surf pain was felt and recovery after.

For Jane near identical to the set pre: City2Surf. Was tired in the middle of the set but finished strongly (2000m 7:59, 1500m 5:44, 1200m 4:39, 800m 2:57, 400m 79).

Steve and I both had a jump in form. 2000m 6:47 (Steve 6:57), 1500m 4:59 (Steve 5:05), 1200m 4:00 (Steve 4:04), 800m 2:33 (Steve 2:28), 400m 73 (Steve 68). The surface pretty hard and fast now, slightly less than 10sec/km slower than track at our speed. It will slow up from this week on with rain and warmer weather bringing the lush grass back to life.

The late set included Tori, Helen, Gabe, Maria and Minnie. I paced Helen and Gabe over their 2000m, 1500m and 1000m efforts. All were pumped after City2Surf and trained well.

Of me: Still putting ice on the ankle. It was pretty solid today. I will cut some junk kilometres out of the week and aim to do the sessions well (around 100km per week). Hopefully it will improve over the next few weeks. Canberra Times Fun Run 10km is next race for all of us.

In Bega Keith 2000m 6:49, 1600m 5:28, 1200m 4:08, 800m 2:43, 400m 82. Keith continues his great form with some impressive times.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Long Run : More Ice : 2000m Tempo

A slight deviation this evening. I chose home and a run with Bella rather than Stromlo. After 50 minutes with the dog I ran a 2000m tempo (3:28,3:27)plus warm down, 76 minutes all up, the minimum.

It was way cold when I finished. Tomorrow morning should be the last spell of true winter here followed by a false spring and a few more cold days but no minus six.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keith from Bega in Melbourne : In Pictures

Long Run : More Ice

Tried to trick myself into thinking it was almost spring here. Really regretted a long run in shorts around dusk. 75 minutes all up, similar route to yesterday but avoided the hills and the speed efforts. Iced up early in the day again until after lunch.

Minnie wanted to do City2Sea and booked a motel before I could think. I guess we are shopping in Melbourne as well in mid-November...better save some $$

Not much changes in the program for the next month or so. Keep developing that 5km and 10km with some good sessions on the grass. Major difference is bringing out the beeping watch and using those yellow posts at Stromlo...have to get out the calculator for a few of us.