Friday, February 5, 2016

Long XC Step Down Intervals ; Fartlek Session : Keith in Bega : Minnie in Muswellbrook

Weather cool to warm, light winds, grass fresh cut, surface a little softer than normal due to weeks of rain.

Set 1 (with Steve): 2500m warm up, 4 x 100m, 2000m 6:53, 1500m 4:52, 1200m 3:54, 800m 2:29, 400m 67, 2500m warm down. Steve a little behind on longer intervals, a little ahead on 800m 2:28 and 400m.

Set 2 (with Roget, Emma, Tori, Kathy, Gabe): 4 x 100m, fartlek session with equal time recovery, 14 efforts all up of 90 seconds down to 15 seconds, I did the pacing. 2500m warm down.

Of me: Basically same times as one month before World Masters Athletic Championships in Lyon (July 2015) and Australian Masters Athletic Championships (March 2015). More than two months to Australian Masters Athletics Championships in Adelaide (April 2016). I've still got plenty of improvement left before then and some racing to do. Achilles still a little stiff but getting better each day.

February will be mostly 800m and 1500m races on track. I'll fit in a 3000m and 6km XC race as well. Monday set will be 200-400m intervals with a time trial at end of session. Long recovery run tomorrow. 120km this week.

Keith in Bega on fresh cut grass track 2000m 7:07, 1000m 3:25. We hope to train with Keith next weekend.

Minnie is Muswellbrook also found grass track, did long step down intervals, similar set to Steve and myself.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

ACT Masters Track : Pennington 800m Handicap ; 3000m ; Other Events

Very windy all night, reverse of normal, a head wind in the home straight. It was cool to warm.

I turned up very early to satisfy myself I was OK to race. 20 minute jog, 5 x 100m (21,17,16,15,15), 4 x 200m (33,33,33,32.1), 800m warm down. I got better with each stride, the achilles a little tight after set.

3000m: Steve had a strong run with the wind. Stuey was always 20-30m down but never threatened. Steve 10:12 roughly.I skipped the 3000m.

I did a second and third warm up, some strides again and waited for the Pennington 800m handicap. I had already won the 1500m late last year, the 3000m in a fortnight. 800m has sometimes been a stumbling block.

Pennington 800m: Kathy 30 seconds head start, I started with a bunch of five including Colin, Leanne 1 second in front, Steve 4 seconds back.

Colin decided he wanted to lead, first 250m tail wind, next 150m into block headwind. I just sat there as he did all the work gathering in the field. I knew Steve would be coming so I pounced with 400m to go and ran hard and just in control until the finish. I knew someone was close into the wind in home straight, thought it was Colin coming back but Steve instead. Another great run from him and lots of fun. Kathy was a little back after running a great first lap. With two wins and my best and final event to come I can't be beaten in the series, have that huge pot for another year. Kathy will have to beat Colin in the 3000m to finish 2nd in series.

I did another warm down, then a jog in the 5 lap handicap, as did Helen. The achilles is sore but should be better by weekend.

Keith is tired, did a tempo today. We will see him next weekend and train with us on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1984-1985 Canberra Distance Running Unpacked #001 : Four Wedge Tailed Eagles

I'm going to unpack distance running in Canberra for the period April 8 1984 to roughly April 9 1985 over the next year. I'm going to start with my post on this blog from 2012 but from here on in I'm going to use The Canberra Times as my reference and sometimes my feeble memory. It will be a regular posting over the next 14 months or so, maybe I will be a little early chronologically before April 9.

1984 Canberra Marathon

I remember the day of the 1984 Canberra Marathon was windy with drizzle, cool, bleak...not unlike yesterday. I was watching from the sidelines. It was the Olympic trial for Los Angeles. Of the leaders, those who tried to leave the safety of the pack suffered later. Garry Hand aged 38 was one of those who tried. Lisa Martin cruised through in 2:35 to qualify. The real story is that 434 people broke 3 hours that day...another 20 or so finished just over a minute later.

Even though Deek didn't run that day he was mainly responsible. He inspired the nation and especially it's capital with his marathon exploits. I remember those 20 mile mass pack runs in Stromlo forest with his disciples, many of which regularly churned out 100 mile weeks.

From all that hard training came a standard and mass of masters runners in Canberra that we may never see again. Most of the ACT M45 track records were set in 1985 when Deek's influence was at it's greatest. I couldn't break one of them.

Today, around 100m from the Big Hill that leads to the Arboretum in Canberra four huge wedge tailed eagles were arguing over the carcass of a rabbit freshly caught. I didn't have a camera. It was near the cork oaks. Only one WTE stayed as I ran through the lot of them. Not a pretty sight for a vegetarian...I'm not much bigger than a rabbit...oh dear!!

Today a long run of 87 minutes out and back on undulating terrain, eagles twice, felt a bit weak the the calf/achilles seems better each day 800m tomorrow will test it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

800m Set : 6 x 100m, 4 x 200m, 400m ; Keith in Bemboka and Keith Loses Shoe Mid-Session

Steve and I on Monday at AIS track. Some rain about and race walkers undergoing lactate testing made things a little difficult at times. I still have calf / achilles issue from the 10000m, ran only part of set. Kathy did hills in the bush instead as walkers were still in progress.

The set: 6 x 100m (first 4 on grass, last 2 efforts 16 & 15), 4 x 200m with 90 seconds recovery (I missed this bit jogging with a couple of strides on grass, Steve's first effort 31.8 was his quickest), 400m 66.7 (I paced this, walkers everywhere, was supposed to be 600m so we were nowhere near flat out).

It will take a few weeks to build the speed up.

Racing on Thursday may just be an 800m handicap for me. I may not even be flat out, depending on niggles. Time doesn't matter, placing does for Pennington series of 800m, 1500m, 3000m. Top 3 and finishing ahead of Kathy would keep me in lead for series.

Keith 800m 2:44, 700m 2:21, 500m 1:38, 400m 80....shoe fell off in 600m. It was windy. The usual warm up and warm down.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

ACT Masters XC Handicap Campbell Park 6km

Weather cool, some wind. The twisting two loop course boggy from thunderstorms over the last week with mud, wet grass and such.

Also out there running were Minnie, Helen, Gabe, SK, Carolyne, Bob and many others. I've moved back up to the longer course in my last year as M50 to set some new course records as M50 and challenge my M45 records. The longer courses are generally double the distance of short course, up to 10km and more hilly.

Thomas 6km: Splits: 2km 7:28, 5km 18:30, last km 3:22 = 21:52 (M50 course record) 29th place on handicap Age standard 93+. My old M45 (and all-time)record 6km 20:30 (2010) on a faster course version in dry conditions and 3km 10:30 (2011). On today's course version of 3km 10:55 (2015) about the same speed I ran today for 6km (two laps).

Right achilles / calf still a little sore. I was at maximum threshold without toeing off on suspect leg. I wore ankle tape on left leg.

This afternoon a 15km cruise to average 110km a week for the month of July.

Results below. Gwen 101% ast on short course...too good.Video by Ewen.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Long XC Step Down Intervals ; Keith in Melbourne

Steve early 2500m warm up, 4 x 100m, 2000m 7:07, 1500m 5:09, 1200m 4:04, 800m 2:39, 400m 72 (times from my memory!). He looked strong throughout.

Minnie same set as Steve, worked very hard and solid again.

Helen, Emma and I went through the motions with a 2000m and 1500m effort. We all had niggles, just cruising.

Kathy, Gabe and Tori arrived as others finished, ran 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute efforts.

Of me: The achilles niggle from hard track on Thursday evening. 7km on grass this morning, 12km around noon. I did some self physio in between to get me going again.

I'm hoping to do today's set tomorrow, if not an easy long run.

Keith is in Melbourne racing. He had a solid set mid-week.

Race update Keith: 5000m 18:10 Splits 3:20, 7:07, 10:29, 18:10. It was 23 degrees, 24kph wind in home straight, run in daylight hours. Another good effort from Keith.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

ACT Masters Track Meet 2016 #2

Weather warm, some wind in back straight (dry northerly, tailwind for the sprints), really not too bad for running up to middle distance. Back at the AIS again, the track is set for sprinters...hard as a rock.

3000m: Steve a win, bravo. Stuey and Steve shared the lead. I jogged until they caught me with 3 laps to go, did my best to pace them but I was a bit erratic. Steve around had a good kick at the end. Louise classy. Kathy, Helen and Minnie ran but times were slow understandably in the conditions.

800m: Steve another easy win, bravo and had it all on his own. It took me a lap to get on the rails, I wasn't willing to run quicker than 2:30 or so, had to wait for people to tire. Got a sit on Leanne until 100m to go, would have been happy to coast but a male put his nose in front with 30m to go. 2nd in 2:29. Steve 2:27

10000m: I felt fluent in the 800m and especially first 2000m of the 10km (almost all of it really)...that's a good sign. 2000m splits: 6:43,7:02,7:11,7:18:7:07=35:21. I had my own drink station set up in the back straight (3-4 other bottles there). Every visit cost me 5 seconds or so (6 visits), carried the bottle one lap before placing back on table. Achilles a bit sore on right leg last 4km, didn't push it. Lapped the field 3 times, definitely the worst field ever since 2007.

All up a good training session.

Next set on Saturday, we are putting game face on using beeping watch on 100m posts. The numbers won't lie. Our favourite step down set from 2000m, full gas, 4 minute recovery. Three sets of these and we will be moving nicely.