Stromlo XC 27km incl 6 x 2 minute efforts, 30 seconds recovery x 2 sets

This morning at Stromlo XC 27km including two near identical sets, first with Steve, second with the girls.

The set: Warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 6 x 2 minute efforts with 30 seconds float recovery, warm down. My pace was similar in both sets. Steve was moving nicely, KT best of the girls today.

I did extra running in between sets, not showing any sign of injury or fatigue following the One Hour Track Run on Thursday.

One Hour Track Time Trial

Wet track for the One Hour Time Trial with ACT Masters Athletics Club. The weather cleared off just before the start with light winds. I was chasing the World record of 17394 metres and risked everything to give that a crack. Keith and I would be running in lane 2 for much of the race. I was still on target for 10000m before posting some 87 second laps later in the race. I thought I had the Australian record of 17186 metres (set in 1974 by John Gilmour) under control until I tried to lift with 3 laps to go and all I could post was 84,84 and 350 metres very quick but not quick enough. 17152 metres was further than my first M50 Australian Hour record but not further than my current Australian M50 record of 17357.9 metres I set in 2013. It was a new ACT record by more than a kilometre.

Keith Law ran 15702m, breaking the joint M60 ACT record of Keith Perroux and Bernie Millett set in 1986 & 2003, also by more than a kilometre.

My preparation for the event went horribly wrong two days…

Stromlo XC Intervals 600m efforts, 400m jog recovery

Over the last two days a couple of 600m sets now the magpie has stopped swooping that sector of the track.

Monday with Helen: 3 x 600m efforts with 400m jog recovery. Splits: untimed (tractor) ; 1:46 ; 1:43 (fastest split since May 2017). Helen splits: 2:37, 2:32, 2:26.

Tuesday with Steve: 4 x 600m efforts with 400m jog recovery. Splits: 1:48 ; 1:46 ; 1:45 ; 1:44 (fastest set of four efforts since November 2016, after World Masters Athletics Championships). Steve ran all efforts between 1:50-1:53, very solid.

All efforts and sets with Helen and Steve constructed in the same way. All splits in each set are quicker. All splits are constructed as kick down with first 200m solid, second 200m increase in pace, final 200m accelerate 2-3 times until full gas. Same structure for final 600m I began using at World Masters Athletics Championships 2016 M50+ XC race.

Today 30km all up including set with Steve this morning. I locked myself out of house and car, had to run to work in jeans!

6km XC…

Stromlo XC Intervals 5 x 4 minute efforts + 2 x 500m Hills ; Keith Parkrun 18:30 ; Steve 5km Tempo

This morning at Stromlo 5 x 4 minute efforts with 60 seconds float recovery (to regroup) plus 2 x 500m hill efforts to finish off. The girls were in a tight bunch with KT ahead for most of the session. I had to work hard in between efforts running in reverse to round them up again. My pace was 3:10-3:20/km.

We used the 2500m loop with the magpie no longer swooping. That opens up future training to some key sets now we can use all of the circuit safely. The set included warm up, warm down and 5 x 100m strides.

Keith in Bega ran a tempo Parkrun, working it hard in the middle three kilometres. Splits: 3:50,3:35,3:34,3:40,3:51.

Steve 5km as 2 minute intervals with 30 seconds jog recovery. Splits: 9:06, 9:22 = 18:28, 13 seconds quicker than week before. Friday a long run of 20km in 90 minutes. Saturday afternoon an easy recovery run. Sunday long run of 17km on grass, 5km hilly in the evening. Track this week will be One Hour time trial. I'll have a couple of easy days mid-week to fresh…

Pennington Handicap 1500m 1st 4:37.9 Handicap Age Sex Adjusted Series

Decent weather for the 1500m, first of three races in the Pennington handicap series (800m,1500m,3000m). I had to give Kathy (W65) 1:33 head start (almost a lap). The result is always close and Kathy trained strongly with us last Saturday. I knew she would be tough to catch.

I executed the same 1500m race plan I've used since April 2017 in The World Masters Games in Auckland, again in Australian Masters Athletics Championships in Darwin again in the Australian Masters Games in Tasmania, all were wins. I start strong and relaxed for the first 300m, increase pace after that point, holding until final lap or so, final lap increasing pace but always saving something for the final 100m. It's very scary in a handicap race with Kathy such a fast starter, I backed myself to get the job done. The race is handicap by points (50,49,48...) and time doesn't matter. 4:37 was as quick as I ran in Darwin and Auckland earlier this year and this run done on mostly base training and high vol…

Keith in Bega 1500m 5:08 + 5 x 300m ; Steve 4 x 3 minutes + 4 x 600m

Looks like we are all on a similar page this week. Keith ran 1500m on grass in 5:08 followed by 5 x 300m with splits increasing in speed. Splits: 57.9,56.5,56.1,54.2,53.7. That's a good set.

Steve ran 4 x 3 minute efforts. Splits: 3:41/km,3:38/km,3:41/km,3:29/km. A couple of days later a 4 x 600m set. Splits: 1:54,1:53,1:52,1:50. Steve looks ready to resume racing.

Next step is all of us race the same way we train with a start strong, increase pace and hold, last 400m or so staged kick down, always relaxed. I get another chance at it tonight with 1500m handicap on track.

Stromlo XC 1500m set : 3 x 500m efforts ; Keith in Bega

At Stromlo this afternoon almost perfect weather with light winds, sunny and warm. Cycling criteriums were on the adjacent bitumen track as a diversion. I was alone on the grass of Stromlo which had been cut the day before but not close to race line.

I had done this set a month ago, it's nothing more than a bunch of strides to maintain leg speed. The set today was almost identical splits to the last set except today was much easier and not full gas. I'll be racing tomorrow in a 1500m.

The set: 2000m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 3 x 500m with 500m jog recovery, 2000m warm down. I had run 6km XC at lunch. Splits: 1:29, 1:26, 1:23.

Keith in Bega yesterday ran a mixed set. 600m,200m,700m ; 500m,100m,900m ; 300m,800m,400m at 3:20-3:30/km average. Set was done on grass that needs mowing.

The 1500m handicap tomorrow is part of a 3 race series in the name of Jack Pennington. It is age and sex adjusted over 800m,1500m and 3000m events. I'm in good enough form to win tomorrow, the 800…