Saturday, September 20, 2014

Long Recovery Run

Normal Sunday long recovery run in the Arboretum and a finale up Mount Painter and back, all up 98 minutes. An easy afternoon jog will take it to 24km for the day, only 100km for the week due to missing a day due to groin strain pushing hard up a hill into a gale on Thursday.

With only weeks away until track racing begins for us strides and lactate work will slowly be reinforced without sacrificing the hard sessions that got us all to here with a big base to work from. I will have a few play races in October and early November. Then there will be 3-5 races where I go all out and try to improve my times for 2014, especially in 3000m, 5000m and 10000m. There is a 10000m in Canberra day before City2Sea 14km in Melbourne. I will have to miss that. Other options are Zatopek lower grades 10000m in Melbourne or going all out for 10000m in the one hour and getting a split time.

The magpie has been nasty again at Stromlo. We might have to visit AIS for some training if the dive bombing athletes persists.

Friday, September 19, 2014

XCR 14 Tan Relays 3.85 km

12:40 for me on leg 3. Waverley took time out of us on every leg. Robert Schwerkolt ran 12:36 for us on leg 1, Antony Rickards on leg 2 was 12:59

12:40 is in between the 12:34 of 2012 and 12:44 of 2013. Only 10 seconds covering 3 years so once again consistent. At just under 3:20/km a solid effort. To put into perspective I have run 11:23 on the circuit at age 30 (I ran 15:00 5000m and 30:54 10000m on track two months later). James who finished just behind me that day is struggling as an M40s and did 12:54 today 2nd leg for our rival team. In M50 John Meagher ran 12:28. I'd need to run a 1st leg to know how I compare to that but I know I'd be chasing and not leading.

I had one M40 Craig Semple come flying past me up the nasty Anderson Street hill. His 11:41 time very impressive on a sandy track with a big hill.

Fastest time I saw was Jeff Risley 10:44 on the faster 1st leg, Dave McNeill 10:51 might have had some traffic in leg 2, just as impressive.
I didn't mention to anyone tugging my groin in that 2000m tempo run on Thursday. No running for me yesterday, it was sore (window shopped for hours instead). This morning I got in two hours of stretching and warm up. No pain whatsoever in the relay but I was a little scared I would embarrass myself during the leg. Zero harm done.

At Stromlo Steve on slightly different loops to normal due to the swooping magpie: 2000m 6:49, 1500m 4:59, 1200m 4:00, 800m 2:31, 400m 69. It was windy. I am told Helen, Roger, Tori, KT, SK, Gabe and others were there getting swooped also. Hopefully not Jane on mtb.

Keith in Bega spent time putting a wheel over his circuit. When he got going he did 2000m, 1500m, and something extra until the watch malfunctioned.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tempo 2000m ; Keith in Bega

Very windy at Stromlo. Through 1000m in 3:08, hit a wall coming home into a gale. Steve wasn't far behind. The Maggie tried to hit us both on the warm down.

In Bega Keith was a consistent 3:30 / km for his 5km hitout.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

World Masters Athletics Championships Lyon 2015 : Update 4

Great joy this morning, my favourite airline announced mega-specials on the internet. I have been checking daily. Minnie and I discussed last night by coincidence. The unbelievable fares give us the cheapest two person return fares to Europe ever, the seats we wanted, the flights I had wanted. All the hotels I have booked, no need to change a thing. So that is done and another box ticked. Three months before travel we can book TGV fast train between Paris, Annecy, Lyon, Saint Malo and Paris. Not much more to do.

On the WMAC Lyon home page is a link to entrants and stated seed times. Quite a few entries and some from Australia. I won't take much notice of the start lists. There will be some better than me I know. All I can do is my training process, keep ticking boxes and get there in good shape. As it is I am aerobically ready (and it is still 11 months away). Of course I can improve from here over the next months but really if the championships were tomorrow I would do fine.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Keith in Bega ; Stromlo XC 5000m by intervals

Steve and I at Stromlo this afternoon a repeat of three weeks ago with 5000m on the 2500m loop, running 3 x 3:30 efforts with 100m jog recovery in 30 seconds and leave us with a longer effort to finish off. Three weeks ago the Stromlo XC circuit was filled with water on the inside lines which we couldn't take. Today it was dry and windy.

Overall result: 17:12 (16:42 net,roughly 15:52 for 5000m on track), 17:55 (17:25 net, roughly 16:35 for 5000m on track). We'll get to verify this in a month or so when we race a 5000m on track. Steve had an easier week post-Canberra Times FR.

In Bega Keith did his 800m efforts and had some trouble with the 100m posts and distances he was using. I won't state the times as he is going to accurately measure the posts again. Regardless of the posts he was quick, in the high 2:30s.

Of me: 120km in the last 7 days, another season best session, a little tired but I have been very strong for the last few weeks. Will ease off a little towards the weekend and the Tan Relays. Next session on Thursday and a 2000m tempo back at Stromlo.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Long Recovery Run

Out through the Arboretum, the usual out 45 minutes (wherever that takes me) and back the same way. So 90 minutes this morning and a loosener this afternoon with Bella to make 24km for the day.

Looking ahead to Saturday and the AthsVic Tan Relays 3.8km with me a normal Tuesday session of some long intervals with short recovery. Thursday will be a tempo 2000m to make sure I am sharp for the weekend. Both sets at Stromlo. Not much running on Friday.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Stromlo XC : 2000m, 1500m, 1200m, 800m, 400m ; other trainings

This morning at Stromlo the set done on my own. 2000m 6:39, 1500m 4:55, 1200m 3:57, 800m 2:33, 400m 70. Not as fast as a few weeks ago but still near my best sets all-time at the venue. I was fatigued from the volume yesterday as well as the lactate efforts. I had the watch set on 19s (3:10/km) from the start of each effort and held for as long as I could. The hills and tight bends were largely responsible for the drop-offs mid-interval.

When the girls arrived I paced 5000m continuous, 7 intervals of varying length with 100m in 52 seconds recovery. Maria and Helen managed 23:45 at 21:30 5000m pace approx. That's pretty good going for XC. The girls can run 20 low on track and a good day. A few more weeks like this will get them fired up.

Keith did his Thursday set on Saturday. Another good set for Keith at faster than 3:20/km.

Steve and Jane have had a weekend away. The training Jane did looks very tasty. This morning Jane 2 x 1km 4:15, 4:30 (sore foot). Steve 4 x 1km 3:25, 3:23, 3:25, 3:24

Looks like I am in Melbourne for the Tan Relays again next weekend, this time helping out the M40 team who are fighting to stay ahead in the final race of AthsVic XCR'14 (M50 team injured most of the year). Only a win against Waverley will do with APS ahead by 1 point. It will be tight.