Friday, November 21, 2014

Head cold : Steve and Jane

Started with a sore throat on Tuesday evening,  by Friday evening a head cold. Had Friday no running. Thursday at track eliminated the 1500m as a precaution but no success in stopping the inevitable.

Today missed the morning session, will have to run this afternoon to stay on track for races in coming weeks (I did 37 mins, saw one brown snake at close range of 60cm).  At this stage will run easy all weekend. Monday session as normal, will race 5km on Tuesday road and freshen up for Friday and ACT Masters 3000m championship.

Today a lazy effort. Watched Science of Sleep while I convert some old tv files recorded on pc in 2011 during 3 months in France, Italy, Switzerland. Looking for as much  footage on Cadel Evans before I make a little micro-doc.

Triple Tri has been cancelled, total fire ban in ACT.

Steve and Jane at Stromlo: Steve: 2000m 6:59, 1500m 5:08, 1200m 4:08, 800m 2:36, 400m 68...10 seconds up on last week. Jane: 2000m 8:14, 1500m 6:10, 1200m 4:55, 800m 3:10, 400m 90. Jane still getting back into it but gets to elite level quicker than anyone I know, it won't be long from here.

Some video screen grabs...Cadel x 3 and Minnie hogging tv behind Mr Wiggins at Criterium du Dauphine May 2011 at St Jean du Maurienne

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Humble Patch

The humble patch is starting to deliver again things other than leafy greens and carrots. Very soon it will be a vegan glut. I must be crazy for being excitable over producing 100 corn and pumpkins, 30 litres of raspberry, boysenberry and cabernet sauvignon wine (plus the berries that go on the morning yoghurt). For now it just looks pretty and new. The grapes have gone to flower along with the feijoa trees. maybe the hail gods will be kind this year.

ACT Masters Track : 3000m

Last play track race for 2014. All the remaining track races with be at 8pm, not 6pm with heat, sun and wind to contend with.

Results: Me 9:53, Steve 10:15, Keith 10:24, Roget 12:54, Helen 13:28. A big improvement for Steve on his last effort, Keith very good considering the 10km. Helen still had 1 more race to do, the 6 lap spiral handicap 8th 4:13/km. Roget 2nd 4:19/km. In the 1500m V beat all the boys 5:12 (then raced Em in the 400m, both 70 seconds) with SK 5:41.

Jane is making some progress, her 1km efforts down into the 3:50s. Maria ran 5km road in 22:20 on Tuesday.

Of me: Still a little tight in the hamstrings from Sunday. Early laps were good, cruising at 3:18/km. Dropped in a couple of 81 second laps in the final kilometre when the sun came out big time. No 1500m race. Looking forward to a big session on Saturday morning at Stromlo XC circuit. The magpie now has two children, is with his partner teaching the children worms and such and no longer swoops...until next spring!! The weekend will be very hot, must get everything done early.

Next race ACT Masters 3000m Championships on Friday with Athletics ACT. It will be around 8pm with minimal slower runners to lap and hopefully good conditions. My first flat out track race of the season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Tune-up

Keith in Bega at the athletics track 2.5km warm up, 5 x 100m (15.9,15.3,15.6,15,18), 5 x 300m (54,54,53,55,54) 100m walk jog recovery, 5 x 100m, 3000m warm down.

Helen 2000m warm up, 4 x 100m, 3 x 1000m (4:11,4:10,4:07), 1000m warm down.

Not much going on track this week, a low key meet. Expected weather hot 31 degrees, windy early in the meet which should ease off as the sun goes down, along with cooler temperatures. Looks like I will assist with pacing in the 3000m (Steve and Keith will do this) then an all-out hit-out in the 1500m. Last event of the evening and in the best weather a 6 lap spiral handicap novelty. Helen will do this, maybe all three events...a training evening.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

AIS Track : 5 x 300m

Shifted the direct preparation track session back to Monday this week to allow an extra day to recover prior to Thursday night track. This Thursday key race will be a 1500m effort with a 3000m warm up in around 10:00.

Steve and I today. The set: 6.5km warm up, 4 x 100m, 5 x 300m with 100m jog recovery in 30 seconds, 2.5km warm down. Splits (Steve and I identical): 51.6, 53.1, 52.4, 52.3, 52.2= 4:21.6 (almost 1 second quicker than last Thursday, more wind). Total time is still almost 10 seconds from where I would want it. Neither session has been flat out so plenty of scope for that to happen. I will need to go back a session like 10 x 200m in 31-30 seconds with 200m recovery to get the 300m efforts under 50 seconds. I would expect a 1500m this week in the low 4:30s.

Of me: Bit of a shock to do such a session today after 15km race yesterday. Aside from a blister and some hamstring soreness everything is OK. For the next few weeks of this true racing block volume will remain low, around 85-100km per week. The legs were very good yesterday having freshened up for the first time in months. Next big race should be the Zatopek lower grades 10000m in Melbourne on December 4. I will only travel down if the weather is OK. If it is 40mm precipitation and gale force winds I will bail.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

City2Sea 15km : Weekend Ketchup

On Saturday Steve at Stromlo (the Stromlo set) 2000m 6:58, 1500m 5:12, 1200m 4:08, 800m 2:39, 400m 72. Another big set for Steve as he gets back into stable training again. Some 3000m races to come and a sub-10 with some specific sessions. Steve also did a snappy 20km on Sunday.

Keith 10000m on Saturday evening in 37:17. With a 36:59 posted in January this was a better run with puddles in lane 1 and not so great conditions. Marty was pacemaker at 30:30 I believe but nobody could stay with him in those conditions.

Helen ran Stromlo Festival 10km rough, hilly, XC. Passed 3 males on the final descent 49:57, 8th female.

The girls ran a long run in the rain

City2Sea weekend was an adventure. Shopping on Saturday morning. In the bag one red singlet for my Melbourne Aths Club, one pair red Saucony racing shoes because they were cheap, one camera phone pouch that takes two phones (Nokia 808 and Nokia 1020).

The weather went to pot. Almost 40mm of rain, strong winds and cold overnight and into Sunday morning. I could see the rain fronts would pass by race start but it almost didn't. Having to drop clothing bags far too early made for a shivering pre-race shelter fest. When it was time to warm-up the rains had almost passed I found the eaves of the MCG (desperate) and the covered 300m bridge with hill from tennis to AFL / cricket as good friends.

The race went to plan pretty almost. 1st M50, a time I was happy with (51:28) and a place I was happy with (16th). The first 5km was mostly sheltered from the wind. Splits: 3:16, 3:41 (up and into wind), 3:14, 3:13, 3:07 = 16:33. Then I made my only mistake of the race, ducked out of the slipstream of Winz (ACT) and Mr Blue to get a water, lost contact just as we turned onto St Kilda Road and into a gale. Splits of 4:15 and 3:55 followed and I was solo until 13km. Winz dropped Mr Blue and powered through the field. I looked back at the 13km mark, saw Scott (ACT) about 30 seconds back. That was incentive to cross the gap very quickly to Mr Blue, give him some very kind words to fire him up ('not far to go, looking good, tuck in'). I ran the last 2km very strongly with Mr Blue in tow and we raced the last 200m crossing in the same time. Scott finished a couple of places back a short time later.

Minnie (ACT) fell at gym on Monday, damaged her bottom. Started reluctantly but did quite well in the end.

Comedy for the weekend. Mr Red asked if Q.I was still going to retire from Athletics Victoria races. (A. I usually spend 1-3 months in France during our winter, makes it difficult. Yes you will see me next XCR season). Q. Will I win today? (A. No, there are plenty here better than me.) Post-race: Q. How does my time compare to the XCR 15km in Ballarat? (A. I didn't race in Ballarat).
Guess who he thought I was...It's happened before, but more often during the decade I lived in Melbourne full-time.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ACT Masters Track : Taper Week

Steve back from NZ first up in the 3000m 10:21.89. Evenly paved until around 800m to go. It was hot on track with a headwind in the back straight. Steve looked very strong, won easily. There were plenty of new starters out there and as usual lots of traffic for Steve to lap. Looks like Jane is a couple of weeks away from some very hard sessions again. She always finds form quickly.

SK in the 4 x 800m had a split of around 2:37 and looked very good in the last lap.

In the late spiral 5 lap handicap Helen looked very fluent. After too many good runs last season her handicap is only allowing a mid-field finish each week.

In Bemboka Keith did 1000m tempo at 5000m pace in 3:27. 10000m on Saturday evening for Keith. Good luck.

Of me: Very hot and windy when I arrived at track earlier in the afternoon prior to helping out. Consistent with my Monday session a small set to keep the legs running at below 3:00/km without straining too much. 2.5km warm up, 4 x 100m, 5 x 300m with 100m float recovery in 30 seconds. Every effort quicker than the last starting at 53 and finishing at 51. Total time for 1500m efforts= 4:22.5 Another encouraging session but still cumulative 10 seconds from where I'd like to be before racing a 1500m event. Finished with 4km warm down. The legs felt good, no niggles.