Friday, October 28, 2016

World Masters Athletics Championships : Women 5000m

We had Kathy W65 and Helen W55 competing in the 5000m today. Weather was warm and windy. Times were good despite conditions not being ideal. Both Kathy and Helen competed in separate races. All were standout events, truly world class.

Both Helen and Kathy went through 3000m in 13:00, Helen 21:53 6th W55 and Kathy 22:08 4th W65. Both ran really well with Helen backing up from 2 days ago in the cross country, Kathy first race of the championships.

At another track Scott finished a close 5th in M55 800m final, top result in a rough race.

I had a lazy day, a short warm up with Helen including 5 x 100m strides. Tomorrow is my 5000m day.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Steve at Stromlo : Short XC Lactate Intervals

Steve at Stromlo a set of short lactate intervals. It was windy, course varies from usual circuit due to magpie.

The set: 600m 1:57, 500m 1:33, 400m 74, 300m 54, 200m 32. That's a big improvement on last week. It looks like Steve is back to being very good after only a few sessions. It will be interesting to see how the form is when he starts racing soon.

Of me: 45 minutes along the Swan with Daniel, bumped into him just as I started. I did a couple of strides on the grass post-session. Didn't feel fluent enough to push on with more. Tomorrow will be a short run with a few strides. We will be watching Helen and Kathy in the 5000m

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

World Masters Athletics Championships : 8000m XC

What a day. There was so much good racing out there in all ages at the cross country and some races I didn't get to see. The weather was very warm, sunny and a bit of wind in places, nothing to complain about.

It was a bit of a juggle warming up, cheering and taking video of Minnie and Helen in the W55-59 XC but I got it done. Helen was 3rd in the W55-59 and her team Australia took 1st. That's a good start.

In M50-54 Anders and I were both on the podium last year in Lyon. We both tried to go away solo in the first half but neither of us could get the job done. Paul M50 and David M55 caught us mid-race, I took a breather at the back of the four for the remainder and set myself up for one big roll of the dice with 200-300m to go...I pulled it off! David M55 won his age. Only a few seconds between the top four finishers in what was an epic battle. Photo and video (M50-59 short and long versions, W50-59 XC, W55-59 Team Medal Ceremony).

Monday, October 24, 2016

Perth Taper Week Day 7

One day before competition begins for us in the World Masters Athletics 8000m XC. Good luck to all.

This morning an easy 25 minute run mostly on grass by the Swan River. Included were 5 x 100 metre strides up to 85% pace. Nothing to do now but enjoy the day.

Perth Taper Week Day 6 ; Steve in Canberra : 5 x 600m XC Intervals

This morning an early jog of 20 minutes before catching ferry from Rottnest Island to Fremantle. From there met with Kathy and Helen and off to the Perth Stadium to register for World Masters Athletics Championships.

Following registration a 45 minute jog including lap of XC course for Wednesday. It's basically same course as in 2010. Video from that race below. We also did 4 x 70 metre strides on grass.

Post session a lunch on the coast, train into Perth and hotel chek in.

Keith in Perth ran 1600m warm up, 5 x 80m, 2 x 800m (3:04, 2:50) and 1600m warm down.

Steve in Canberra ran at Stromlo, a session of 5 x 600m XC intervals with 60 second recovery. We have done this session many times. Outward direction is quicker than return direction. Splits: 1:55, 2:06, 1:57, 2:08, 1:55. That's an improvement again on the previous week.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rottnest Island Taper Week Day 5 : 2 x 1000m ; Rottnest Island Marathon

Up very early before the start of the Rottnest Island Marathon to do my set. Weather sunny, warm, still (ocean like glass). The runners will struggle with full sun and heat in the second half.

The set: 2km warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2 x 1000m efforts (same section as yesterday) 3:03 (1:29,3:04), 3:03 (1:29,3:04), back to house for change of singlet, grab camera and drink in time for start of race.

I started too fast in both efforts, just as quick as yesterday, felt a little more fatigued. That's it for me. Just easy runs and strides until World Masters Athletics Championships.

Cheering on Peter 'Thommo' Thomson in the marathon.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rottnest Island Taper Week Day 4 : 2 x 1000m ; Steve 5 x 3 minute efforts

Weather sunny, windy, cool to warm. Up early again to avoid the tourists, not early enough to avoid Rottnest Island Marathon runners checking out the course. I chose a dead flat section along the causeway (final kilometre of the 1500m effort on Thursday to avoid the hill that day)

The set: 2km warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2 x 1000m, long warm down. Splits: 3:03 (1:32,1:31) ; 2:58 (1:30,1:28)

That's much better than 2 days ago. Most of it is due to lower volume. 154km peak 2 weeks ago. 116km last 7 days. It will be 102km last 7 days tomorrow. It will be 85km last 7 days just before my first WMA race. All up 11km this morning, only a 3km jog this afternoon.

If I am up early enough tomorrow to watch the start of the Rottnest Marathon I'll repeat the same set as my last hard session before World Masters Athletics Championships 8km XC in 4 days time.

Back in Canberra the girls did same set as myself. Helen ran 2 x 1000m on track at 4:20/km, equal to her 3000m pace on Thursday. It was very windy there too.

Steve in Canberra this morning 5 x 3 minute efforts. Splits: 3:28, 3:34, 3:36, 3:37, 3:35. Very similar times to last week in only his 2nd week of training focus.

Below part of 1km section I used this morning.