Friday, October 31, 2014

Bruce Ridge : 3 x 1km hill invervals

Too windy for track this morning, onto the fire trails instead. 6km warm up, 3 x 1000m hill intervals (basically all up with two false flats and one small dip, a tough climb at 600m, finish 200m with high lactate).

On course Tori, Emma, Roget, Gabe, Helen, Keith from Bemboka and Me. Not possible to run easy on the circuit, everyone above maximum threshold. Keith very impressive today. Started strong and was progressively quicker, was not far behind me (4:09,4:01,3:50). Emma fastest of the girls. Helen still recovering from One Hour Run but still strong.

Of me: A long run yesterday 75 minutes to loosen the muscles. I didn't want to do it (very sore), but glad I did. Almost as good as a massage. My splits: 4:00, 3:55, 3:49. The final split my quickest on circuit (which says a lot for Keith). Another run this afternoon when the cold front passes. Tomorrow a long run. The virus I've had all week still lingers but doesn't affect my breathing at all.

Next two races: This Thursday 5000m on track. In two weeks City2Sea 15km in Melbourne.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ACT Masters Track : One Hour Run : It's all about Helen

Steve has been otherwise occupied over the last week or so. He has still been rotating through 5 x 3 minute efforts and lactate intervals to keep in shape. He will soon resume normal training and racing around mid-November (track duty next week, OS after that). First big race will be ACT 3000m championships late November. Jane has resumed training again and progressing nicely.

Keith helps at track this evening. He did a 3000m time trial today on an undulating road in 10:37.

One Hour track this evening. The weather should be good with light winds, a little warmer than 2013. I am still fighting a mini-virus. Some fever in the evening four consecutive nights, sore throat...contracted from Mums at work, sick kiddies. Rest on Monday, 8km Tuesday, 13km yesterday and felt quite good. I will do as the last two years, warm up with a 3000m in 10mins+ at 6pm. One Hour at 8pm. To have a chance at breaking my M50 Australian record again I will have to run the first 2km at 3:20/km then slowly fade out to 3:30/km by 10km (through 10km in 34:20 or so), fight fatigue until 2 laps remaining, a big kick down. It's a long way on track. 17357.9km the record mark is around 72:50s for Half Marathon and I have to contend with numerous people to lap. Last year there were two at half my speed so I passed them every single lap.

If I am not in good health this evening I will still run as training, cheering on Helen as she attempts to break W55+ ACT record.

Splits from last year:

As it happened Helen for the second straight year erased Anne Young from the books in the One Hour (W50 & W55 ACT record). The W55 record had stood from 1991. Helen was just under schedule the whole way, only up between 1 to 16 seconds. The schedule was not the record itself but to add around 50 metres to it. In the end it was 80 metres added and 13357 metres, a lap short of the W50 record she set last year with help from Steve. Helen had a male in tow almost the entire run. Of course the male outkicked her on the last lap in true limpit form. Great run Helen.

Of me: I ran the 3000m early as planned in around 10:08 as warm up. It was hot and windy. I knew then the legs weren't good. In the One Hour I still gave my Australian Record M50 record a crack. I was below or very near record pace for 8km, still strong through 12km but slightly behind schedule and the last 4.5km in cruise mode with some harder efforts. The turning point was when I took a drink at 8km and carried a bottle for two laps, got a small stitch and dropped my hips. End result 16538m.

The weather quite warm, nil wind and similar number of participants to last year. No more One Hour attempts from me until I hit M55.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rest Day : Keith in Bemboka

Keith did 4 x 800m efforts even paced on undulating track (3:00, 2:48, 2:54, 2:47) followed by 12km warm down.

I had a rare rest day on Monday and only 8km on Tuesday. With a sore throat I may have to start my racing block a week late. I am hoping I can knock it off by Thursday evening so should be well rested for it if things are OK. Regardless I should still be able to run and pace someone else in the One Hour run so long as things don't get worse.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

ACT Masters XC Handicap Goorooyarroo 5km

The course up 600m, undulating with no major climbs to turn an back, down 600m to the finish, all on gravel road. It was a headwind out to the turn, tailwind coming back. Pleasant for running into the breeze, too hot for running coming back. The organisers put drinks at the turn, mostly for the 10km runners.

I ran the course as a warm up along with some hill strides and stretching. Splits: 3:27 (up then down), 3:33 (undulating, down), 2:00 (turn, up), 1:39 (down), 3:43 (undulating, up), 3:15 (up then down)=17:38. As usual the hardest part was close to the turn running into people traffic and on the return trying to pass 5km runners with 10km runners starting out. I was told I was 10th with 400m to go, had a quick look to see where the leader was, committed and kicked hard down the hill, only caught him with 15 metres to go. I don't often get a chance to use the kick so it was fun from the back mark again. Age standard 95.1%. Below the yearly runs shows the drop-off in March and gradual improvement. The achilles didn't fully repair until before the September handicap.

King and Queen of the Mountain decided today. KT, SK and Maria all in the minor money. I was not eligible from only 3 runs.

This afternoon an easy recovery run after the sun loses it's sting. I won't need to do a session before Thursday and the One Hour Run on track. If the weather is nice I may do a 2000m tempo on Tuesday or some strides. I will scale the mid-week runs back to 10-12km each day until I am finished with this racing block.

Keith long run including 5 x 200m hills and 5 x 800m. Overcast and windy on coast.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bruce Ridge : 5 x 3 minute intervals

A few out this morning but with ACT Masters XC handicap tomorrow I was the only person giving 100% (although some went through the motions). The set: Long 6km warm up, 5 x 3 minute intervals on the undulating bush fire trails to the gate and back with 30 second recovery between efforts, warm down. I will do another run this afternoon to make up 20km for the day.

Tomorrow the short 5km xc handicap for me. It is all up at the start, basically flat to the turn and back, downhill finish. It could be windy and warm to hot. My last handicap xc for the year so I will give 100% again, see if I can get my age standard% into the 90s again.

As of Monday I will begin to ease off the volume, currently over 130km for the week, down to a level around 100km or so. I will begin my racing block with the One Hour on track this Thursday, hoping to improve on my last two efforts again. From there on it will be racing every week 100% until I am either satisfied with the results for 2014 or injured (let's hope not). 3000m, 5000m and 10000m year bests would be good. I also run the 15km City2Sea in Melbourne mid-November. In between there will be some targeted sessions to keep me on the improve. The races will determine what those are.

Steve has been otherwise occupied this week. He has managed to keep shape with some short lactate intervals and 5 x 3 minute efforts. Jane has resumed exercise again.

Tour de France 2015

After 102 Tour de France stages since 2008 only +1=103 in 2015. Already the route is announced a day or two ago and before that the airlines already booked. The final stage will begin in Sevres, not so far from the finish on Champs Elysees, just across the river Seine and a short ride on the Metro (or even a run). Of course the finish will be in twilight and the hotel is booked already 300m from the final laps below Arc de Triomphe (same hotel used for Marathon de Paris 2014).

The question? To spend $400 for a seat along side the Champs Elysees or just do on the cheap and take in the vibe...of course the option of staking a place on the barriers is on, just means x 10 deep behind and much squishing. What do you think?

First visit the start ; Second do on the cheap ; Third Fourth Fifth pay $400.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ACT Masters Track Week 2

WOW where to start? Thunder and lightning for hours but not a drop of rain at track. Last race of the evening in near perfect conditions a 3000m / 5000m. I was totally stuffed before the race even started. Keith was going for the ACT Masters M55 3000m record and I was there to support him. To be honest I could barely keep up for the first 2 laps, spot on 80 seconds each [I was running in lane 2 along-side]. Finally the pace slowed a touch, 3:24 through 1000m, I took the lead into lane 1 briefly on a straight (we were already lapping runners), I slipped into 3:20/km pace (mostly in lane 2,3 or 4) and held that pace the finish. Keith flogged himself to the end, probably lost 2 seconds in the final 20 metres by mentally stopping, but still ran within a second or so of his best time last year (10:25). A great run for Keith and for me enlightening as his mentor. 10:14 is do-able for him with more work at the right paces. Helen much quicker than last week, even on a warm down. Kathy definitely a warm down after Pennington 1500m.

Pennington 1500m Handicap. I've got to admit I was stung by not winning a single race (800m,1500m,3000m) in the 2012/2013 season despite running very well. The two Kathys were too good back then. I had to fight very hard tonight again, absolutely flat out, caught Kathy W60 with 300m to go (after running 2:59 first kilometre mostly in lane 2), 4:35 finish time easing up (Kathy 6:03). Very happy with that (7 straight wins). Helen also very good.

Emma 2000m steeple, 100m, 400m, 4 x 200m, first 2 laps 3000m. SK returns to Pennington and not too shabby after missing most last year. Roget sole survivor almost of the 5000m.

Of me: 130km this last 7 days. Next Thursday One Hour Run. If conditions are expected to be good I will ease off from Monday. If not either in Melbourne for Victorian 5000m Championships lower grades or here at ACT Masters Track 5000m same evening the following week.

Minus 3 seconds from Net Time above...the diff between the electronic gun and the person calling 2:35, 2:36, 2:37 and starting the manual watch too late!! Team US: 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 11th