Monday, July 6, 2015

Steve and Jane up north : Long Run

Jane 5 x 3 minute efforts with 1 minute jog recovery, average 3:49/km. It doesn't take her long to find form. Steve 3 x 3 minute efforts with 30 seconds jog recovery, average 3:22/km. Both humming along nicely.

Of me: 90 minutes long recovery run, felt great again, no sign of the groin niggle. Did an extra small run with Bella straight after, sitting on 129km last 7 days. I might do an extra 10 minutes later to loosen up, only if I feel like it.

Tour de France 2015 : Past, Present, Future Days

It's no secret the Tour de France traces often used routes and for obvious reasons. For this year I have to reminisce as I will not be there until the last two days and only see once live. Too cold for the lounges chair, watching from bed midday on delay.

Yesterday it visited Rotterdam, prologue start of 2010 Tour de France. Today it finishes at Mur de Huy, passed near by also in 2010. Tomorrow it faces the cobbles...if the weather is like it was today or last year at Arenberg it should be carnage...bring it on!! Last man standing again.

I think there is only one day until the end of the Tour the route doesn't pass by where I have witnessed before...more to come.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stromlo XC Intervals : 4 x 800m

Up early to avoid work traffic. Pea souper fog again, minus 2 overnight, warmed to 1.7 degrees by the time I started and stayed there.

The set: 2500m warm up, 4 x 100m strides with jog back recovery (too cold to walk), 1000m jog, 4 x 800m with 200m float recovery in 60 seconds, 4000m warm down. Splits: 2:38, 2:35, 2:35, 2:33. That's the best I've done using this type of set, on XC surface with a 200m hill. Again felt great but pulled up with sore groin post session. I was planning two long recovery run days so that locks it in. I should be right for a session on Thursday and definitely do around midday when the weather is warmer.

Today's set I usually do just before a 5000m race along with a quicker step down. I've got confidence a sub-16 minute 5000m is possible now. My May and June road races all went though 5000m in under 16:10 so there wasn't much work to do to get there. I'll find out in a month or so if all goes well.

My daily routine is up early for the session, then French TV watching delay of Tour de France in French with Bella the Border Collie. I wish I was there already but I'm not...better make the most of the final day in Paris at Sevres and on Champs Elysees.

This afternoon an easy 20 minutes, still on 130km last 7 days but now coming down slowly.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stromlo XC Long Run : Keith in Canberra

My first July in Australia since 2007, I completely forgot how cold it is. This morning out to Stromlo to rest the feet on grass, completely forgot Canada Day Fun Run at same venue. I did 5km with the slow runners before going off-course for a bit, returned after most of the runners had finished. All up 78 minutes. KT won Female 5km race.

Yesterday Keith at Stromlo 3 x 2000m: 7:27 (3:34 ; 3:53), 7:26 (3:40 ; 3:46), 7:32 (3:38, 3:53). The 2000m loop has a hill after 1000m, I regularly lose 15 seconds up it, Keith similar. Today Keith 21km run on the drive home.

It looks like very cold mornings all week. I'll get out for my runs in the middle of the day, aiming for a speed session tmoz.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Stromlo XC Intervals : 2000m, 1500m, 1200m, 800m, 400m : Steve and Jane at Tuggers

Weather minus 6, frost, no sun, slight breeze, never seemed to warm up. Ropes up still on the 1000m loop, all the distances are long again, around 60 metres extra each 1000m as measured by several Garmins (I never use one for this workout). Clothing thermal top, gloves, tights, no beanie, yes spikes. There was a 16km XC race starting at 8am. We started the session mid-race when the runners were in the bush. Nick jogged it.

The set: (KT, Mia, Gabe, Kathy, myself): 4500m warm up, 4 x 100m, 2000m 6:34, 1500m 4:51, 1200m 3:54, 800m 2:30, 400m 68, 2500m warm down. All the girls looked strong, KT the quickest.

Of me: That's my fourth best all time, probably my best ever when factoring in the ropes. Looking at previous sessions it's 2 seconds per kilometre or 12 seconds cumulative slower than my best three efforts done in February / March this year with no ropes. I'm happy with that. Next week will be my last set of this type. An 11km road race the following week before heading to France for the World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon.

This afternoon an easy 30-35 minutes to make 20km for the day and 139km for the week. I'll start easing off the volume as of Monday. Tmoz either a long run or short session on track...I need to look at the weather before planning the week. Weight has come down from 58kg to 55.8kg in the last 10 days. I'd like to get to 55.0kg by end of this week. I will need a couple of long runs to do that.

Steve and Jane by the lake. Jane 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute efforts, another great set. Steve 5 x 3 minutes with 30 seconds jog average 3:37/km. Both soon heading north for a short warmer weather escape. It's now after midday, 5.3 degrees!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keith in Bemboka : Stromlo XC Long Recovery Run with strides

Yesterday Keith did his 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute efforts (along with 100m strides) in terrible conditions. Cold, windy, wet, hail. Shows the discipline required to be a consistent trainer and performer.

Yesterday for me (similar conditions, not as bad) a long recovery run of 80 minutes. Tripped on a stone (again), managed not to break my fingers).

Today out to Stromlo after the minus 6 turned into full sunshine but still cold. Ran 17km, last 2km included 4 x 100m (+/- 18 seconds) and 4 x 200m (+/- 36seconds), all with 100m float recovery. Being end of the run I didn't feel very sharp. Rounded off the day with a 7 minute jog with Bella the Border Collie.

Tomorrow the usual Stromlo set. I'm starting later than usual, minus 6 far too cold to run as quick as I want to.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stromlo XC Short Lactate Intervals ; Keith in Bemboka

Another pea souper, cold, no wind. Visibility less than 100 metres.

The set: 2000m warm up, 4 x 100m (19,19,17,17), 2 x 500m (97,96) , 4 x 300m (53,56,59,55), 4 x 200m (37,37,38,38), 4 x 100m (18,19,19,17), 3000m warm down. All distances were long as the lane ropes are in play. No spikes, beannie, gloves, fleece top, tights. Recovery times very short, less than or equal to the time of the previous effort.

I found that set very tough compared to previous fartlek sessions. Trying to run track 5000m pace or better on undulating XC surface is not easy for me.

That leaves an easy 30 minutes this afternoon. Next two days will be recovery, easy 17km each day with strides on Friday. The usual Stromlo XC set on Saturday.

Keith in Bemboka yesterday also a fartlek session and today 2 x 10km runs. Tomorrow a 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute session.