Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Ran 8km yesterday but it was painful at first. Today I repaired both my time trial and road bikes ready for some cross training. I am giving myself until 1 May to get my body healthy again. If not???

ASO posted a time lapse of Marathon de Paris the start all in 90 seconds. Awesome!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big day at Arenberg

Two hours in a hire car to Arenberg for Paris Roubaix cycling. I tested my memory from 2010 to see if I could get there through the back roads without map and excelled. Surprising how good my memory was.

We have been to Arenberg twice in 2010. Once for the stage in the 2010 tour de France and the other a few days before to check things out. This time we went exploring and pushed the memory gathering much harder. We took loads of photo and video. I can't describe in words.

The day itself just got better and better. It was incredible to see the dust rise from the cobbles and hear the gears clicking, chains rattling. The crowds were fuelled by Belgian biere, some way past happy.

We watched the race on the big screen at the forest entrance. Wow, I can't remember a more even Paris Roubaix with suspense until the final kilometres. It was a great day out.

We Willie at the same venue come July on our second day of  chasing Tour de France 2014. BRING IT ON.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paris Roubaix 2014

Second Sunday in Paris means Paris Roubaix. Probably the main reason we came was for this race as it often clashed with the Marathon de Paris. Since ASO now organises both races something had to change for the television to work. Last year Paris Roubaix immediately followed coverage of Marathon de Paris on the same channel. This year we can participate in both live.

We moved to the airport for the last three nights. It is here we hire the car for tomorrow and a very easy out directly onto the A1 peage. We will travel to the forest of Arenberg to watch the race and caravan pass. There will be a big screen just before the entrance to the cobbled section of the cobbles. I expect we will be 1km down the cobbled road and hope to catch some carnage although the weather has been fine all week and no rain expected to make things slippery.

Today we caught the train to Marches des Puses. It is a huge flea market where an entire section of town (2-3 sq km) has been converted to shonky counterfeit goods and memorabilia of Bob Marley. On the ground floor of apartments the units have been gutted into storage for market day goods. There are some antique shops and and artist section but beyond that there is really nothing artisan.

I tried a run two days ago. 15 minutes in all to the marathon finish and return. I may try a short run tomorrow but am waiting for return to oz to sort my body training out.

In Canberra at 630am, a few short hours away, Australian Running Festival commences a second day with marathon and half marathon. Good luck to all.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Australian Running Festival 10km

Great running Jane.

Cycling for Power development

I have rarely had to go to cross training for injury rehabilitation over the last 8 years but this may be an opportune moment with no racing scheduled until August.

A few months ago I purchased a Lemond Revolution trainer when I broke my ribs. I only had to use it for a few days so didn't get into a program as such. it is a great machine for training as the harder the strokes, the harder the resistance.

This is the program I used when I was a competitive cyclist to good effect, for both myself and Minnie. I know it works.


For neural training: In the saddle a set of 6-10 × 15 seconds at cadence 120rpm in easy gear (39/19-17 for me). 2-5 minutes rolling recovery.

For maximum power: 1km easy, 700m at maximum threshold (53/17), then out of saddle clicking through gears (16, 15, 14) at full gas for 300m. Repeat 4-8 times with 2000m rolling recovery.

For speed / power endurance: 6-8 × 2000m on hotdog circuit at cadence 100+rpm. Out of saddle at start clicking through gears until maximum sustainable (53/16), in saddle driving, at 1km click up gears, out of saddle after hairpin clicking down gears, drive to finish. 2000m recovery between efforts to flush lactate.

For strength endurance: 1 × maximum effort time trial in big ring up climb of over 7% average gradient. Time roughly 10 minutes.

For speed endurance: Time trial at maximum threshold of 20-50 minutes on slightly undulating circuit (not steep enough to rest on downs).53/19-15

Just those sessions alone allowed me to time trial at around 40km and Minnie to give some well performed girls a scare or two.

While the sessions won't make the running much (if any) quicker, they are a good way to keep in shape when running is not happening for some reason. The sessions are very similar to those we do for running.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

World Masters Athletics Championships Lyon 2015

I noticed today entries are open and the website is upgraded. I already did my research last year while in France so I can enter and book hotel on my return to Oz. These championships and in Perth in 2016 will be my primary goals from here on in.

The program for me: August 5 2015 8km XC ;  9th 5000m track ; 11th 10000m track  ; 15th Half marathon?

I will be in the M50 category until 2017.

I expect I will view Tour de France as normal in July which will give me two weeks post TDF to freshen up and fine tune. The weather I already know will be very warm to hot (unless it rains). My pre Championships training camp will be most likely in either Annecy by the lake and bike path, Albertville at the other end of the bike path, or possibly in Provence the town Apt (also with bike path). I prefer Annecy. Come and join me.

Paris Holiday Day 4

For the second day straight we caught the metro to Montmartre. Yesterday we just walked and took in the sights. Today we visited all the places we could from the film Amelie and our last destination was the cafe where Amelie worked with Georgette. We sat in a booth, drank two French coffees, went to the toilet (seperately) that included a scene from the movie, took photos and had a lovely moment. It was a great start to the day and a highlight of the week.

Minnie went for a brief run today but only lasted a short while before another cramp. Today is the first day I have felt ok in the legs but have a head cold and no urge to run yet.

Tomorrow we move away from our nice little home near the Arc de Triomph and out to the airport. On Sunday we take a trip to the forest of Arenberg to see a cobbled section of the race Paris Roubaix. Next day we head home.