Thursday, July 28, 2016

Annecy to Geneva to Zurich : Long Run Annecy with 4 x 25 second strides

The journey here ends tomorrow in Zurich. I'll be racing in Australia again in 2 days.

This morning a 75 minute run by the lake which included 4 x 25 second strides on grass.

Morning run was followed by drive to Geneva, return the Renault Kangoo, flight to Zurich. I did a 10 minute loosener from the hotel after settling in. I'll aim for an easy 85 minutes tomorrow morning before catching the flights home. Arrive back in Canberra around 9pm.

Stats for the holiday in France: Least amount of kilometres driven (1580km), 7 stages watched live (total=112 stages since 2008). Looking forward to 2017 Tour de France with first stages possible at Metz, Vittel, Planches des Belle Filles and Belfort.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Annecy : Long Run 25km

This morning a long run through the old town and out along the lake and back. Took a dip after 95 minutes then continued on.

I'll try another session tomorrow before leaving Annecy for Geneva and Zurich.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

August to October : Training for World Masters Athletics Championships Perth 2016

This time last year I was also in Annecy a week out from World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon. This time around it's 3 months to go and I'm still in the last weeks of a build up phase.

All has gone as expected here with volume high (125-135km running weeks), many mountains climbed at altitude and a few fast flat sessions to keep the leg speed turning over.

Next races: 31 July XC Handicap 9km (day after I arrive home), 14 August City2Surf 14km, 4 September Canberra Times Fun Run 10.1km. City2Surf will mark end of base training block. With a direct preparation training block I should be in great racing form at Canberra Times Fun Run and ready for that final 5-6 week training and racing block which begins 1-2 weeks after Canberra Times Fun Run.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Albertville : 5000m-10000m Road Pacing Sessions

In Albertville, home of the 1992 winter olympics. Proof, I saw a roller skier on my run this morning.

Yesterday a set of 20 x 100m efforts, 100m float recovery on bike path by the river Isere. Markings were at 100m intervals for 2000m, basically flat. It was very warm and sunny. All efforts in 19 seconds as per beeping watch.

This morning much cooler, still sunny and humid. The set: 30 minute warm up, 2000m using same stretch of bike path with 100m markings, watch set at 20 instead of 19. One effort of 2000m in 6:40 as per beeping watch. Short warm down back to the hotel.

Next to the bike path is a lake we used for lunch picnic.

Today it's another change of scenery, off to Annecy and the beautiful lake again. Will spend the next two nights there before making the journey home to Australia. Another run this afternoon.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Strength Hills : Glacier Les Bossons

Perfect morning for running, cool, sunny, no wind. A very steep run along the road then on single track from the hotel at 900m asl to Glacier Les Bossons at 1425m asl. The climbing was brutal at times but great fun. 75 minutes all up, another 25 minutes this afternoon, 130km last 7 days.

Leaving Chamonix today, heading back to Annecy (via Col de Aravis) for a few days before going home.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Keith in Tuggeranong : 7km Road Race

Nice race by Keith this weekend.

Les Bossons : Long 5000m Paced XC Intervals : 6 x 3 Minutes ; Tour de France Depart Megeve

At lunch my first 5000m paced long set in a few weeks. The track undulating mostly soft surface with a few steep pinches. Altitude varied from 900m asl to 1100m asl.

The set: 20 minute jog warm up, 6 x 3 minute intervals with 60 seconds float recovery, last 3 minute effort up hill on bitumen, short warm down. Another 40 minute run done in the afternoon (after the Tour de France finishes on TV).

This morning a short drive to Megeve for the depart of Tour de France.

We leave this hotel tomorrow, head for Col des Aravis, on our way to Annecy.