BBQ Stakes Maximum Threshold 6km XC 22:14

Weather at BBQ Stakes today cool and windy. I did most of my warm up during the run and was working hard over the last 3km. In the afternoon an 11km warm down making 18km for the day, 136km last 7 days.

The next few days will be easy running with a few faster paced strides. I'm racing an 11km fun run on Sunday. Volume will be down to 110km for the week by then.

17km XC Run incl 6,5,4,3,3,7 minute efforts ; Steve 3 x 2000m

This afternoon a race to get the run in before dark. It was cold and windy. The run same hilly 17km out and back on sandy fire trails I've been using regularly. Today I ran as intervals after a 10 minute warm up. Intervals were 6,5,4,3,3,7 minute efforts with 30 seconds jog, warm down to finish recovery. Pace was high 3:20s/km for the intervals and a PB for the 17km.

Steve at Stromlo XC circuit ran 3 x 2000m efforts, all just over 7 minutes. Similar conditions for Steve with cold and wind to deal with.

Tomorrow a 6km maximum threshold XC effort at BBQ Stakes.

Road to World Masters Athletics Championships Malaga 2018 : Entries Have Closed, 8100+ Competitors

Entries have closed for World Masters Athletics Championships to be held in Malaga, Spain in 7 weeks. 8100+ competitors so far, mail entries may trickle in over coming days. In all ages, male or female, competition is super tough. Medals won't come easy and places will be contested at an awesome level. I can't rate between Lyon and Malaga as yet...I'm carrying all my memories of how hard I had to fight in Lyon and Perth on my training runs between now and then.

I've done a brief fly pass of my competition in the M55-59 middle and long distance events. I am looking at facing 20-25 realistic challengers for a run in the 1500m final. In the longer events I can see between 7-12 realistic challengers for a medal. No need to alter training plans as I'll be ready for everything should I stay injury free and in good health.

Over the next month I'll run three or four races on road and cross country to prepare myself for 5000m to Half Marathon events. When I get to Paris…

Stromlo Hilly XC Intervals 3 x 1500m with hill finish

With Steve and Kathy this morning at Stromlo XC circuit. Weather frosty, extremely cold (minus 7 degrees overnight), sunny, light winds. Set done with Steve. Kathy ran 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute intervals. Gabe ran Parkrun 5km 23:55, nice run in the cold.

The set: Warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 3 x 1500m intervals with 300m hill finish, 500m recovery, warm down.

Splits: 5:08 [1k split at start of hill 3:21],5:01[3:16],5:03[3:16]. I've used this circuit for other length intervals. 1:45 for the 500m stretch from start of hill to finish on 2nd effort today is the fastest I have on record, others very close. Steve is in recovery mode after running Gold Coast Half Marathon. Today he was coasting very nicely and not far back.

Afternoon recovery run of 11km making 23km for the day and 134km last 7 days.

Long Recovery Run Week

This week was a consolidation week with few sessions and mostly half marathon type sessions of around 75-95 minutes. As the week went on the long runs became quicker without trying, more fluent and stronger. Of the last 7 days 6 were long runs incorporating two light sessions of 2 minute intervals. Volume is 131km last 7 days.

Session based training begins again tomorrow with long XC intervals at Stromlo.

Stromlo XC Intervals 4 x 2 minute efforts, 60 seconds recovery ; Long Recovery Runs

Stromlo XC circuit the venue again for a repeat of the Saturday session. Weather sunny, cool, light winds. Pace was faster than on Saturday but not at full gas. I picked up a head cold on weekend, just rotating through long recovery runs and light speed sessions until this virus clears. Today a long recovery run of 75 minutes through forest trails. Volume is down although still over 120km for this week. Hopefully resuming intense sessions on Saturday.

Entries for World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga close tomorrow.

Stromlo XC Intervals 4 x 100m strides, 4 x 2 min, 60 seconds recovery

Cloudy, cold, windy at Stromlo this morning. Cold enough to incorporate the strides into the session to get it over quickly and avoid cooling down during the warm up. Six of us there for the session.

The set: Long warm up including 4 x 100m strides with 100m jog recovery, 4 x 2minute efforts on hilly to undulating loop with 60 seconds jog recovery, long warm down.

All up 15km for morning session, 11km afternoon recovery run to make 124km last 7 days. Next session on Monday with 600m efforts. Wednesday maximum threshold 6km XC. Tomorrow long slow recovery run on forest trails out of the wind.