1500m Set : 8 x 200m, 200m jog recovery

On grass at lunch 8 x 200m efforts in 33-34 seconds, 200m jog recovery in 60 seconds. Weather a cool 9 degrees, sunny and windy. This afternoon an easy 13km recovery run to make 20km for the day and 140km last 7 days. Volume taper begins tomorrow. Only 10 days until Australian Masters Athletics Championships in Darwin. Next set some 600m efforts tomorrow afternoon.

Detailed maps have been posted for Tour de France 2017. Not long until I'll be there again.

Keith at Merimbula Fun Run 5km 3rd 18:57 ; Canberra Half Marathon ; Long XC Run 24km

Keith made his comeback race in Merimbula Fun Run 5km, a few weeks before he turns 60. Place 3rd. Time 18:57. Splits: 3:37, 3:41, 3:44, 3:42, 3:50. Great running from Keith. Beat the M55 course record by 3 minutes and would have been up on the 60s record by 6 minutes. Well done Keith. Joshua Torley won both 10km and 5km events.

Elsewhere the Canberra Half Marathon was run in cool, windy and sometimes drizzling conditions. No results as yet from Roger or Jen.

I did my usual long Sunday run, mostly on undulating fire trails. It was mostly protected from the wind when I was in the forest. I'll do an easy recovery run this afternoon to loosen up.

Stromlo XC Step Down Intervals : 2000m, 1500m, 1200m, 600m ; Steve Parkrun 18:03 ; Keith 5 x 100m Taper Strides

Cool, no wind, cloudy at Stromlo XC circuit for 2000m 6:57, 1500m 5:00, 1200m 4:00, 600m 1:48 step down session. 10km pace for first 3 efforts, full gas last 600m. Helen pushing Kathy on same set at 4:30/km, 4:10/km, 4:10/km, 3:55/km and Gabe not far behind.

I'm still struggling to get enough oxygen in the lungs with lingering virus and head cold symptoms I've had since the day before the 10000m in Auckland four weeks ago. Despite that sessions have been good and I have averaged 124km/week this month, my biggest month since July last year.

Volume begins to taper after a 24km run tomorrow. Last very hard sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. ACT Masters 8000m XC Championships on next Saturday. Just jogging and two short 600m sessions in the five days before Australian Masters Athletics Championships in Darwin. Volume will peak on 31 May at 140km last 7 days. It will decrease to 85km the day before the championships and reduce further by 5km a day throughout the championships.


ABS Fun Run 7km 2nd 24:01 ; Keith 4 x 500m Efforts

Foggy and 8 degrees for the ABS Fun Run 7km. Four previous winners on the start line. Alistair running half marathon on the weekend won, easing away from Dan and myself at about the 3km mark to win by 150 metres. I was close until the 5km mark, not as quick in the hill up to the bridge. Race over, he got out of kick down distance. Alistair 23:30?, Myself 24:01, Dan 25:00? (winner last year). Splits: 3:23,3:21,3:20,3:25(includes dead turn),3:33(bridge hill),3:29,3:27.

Next set on Saturday, 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute XC intervals. I've had a head cold since Monday. I've completed the sessions this week but slipped on the volume. I'll still hit 120km+ this week but not the 140km I was hoping for. I don't think it matters, probably a blessing.

Keith in Bemboka 4 x 500m efforts. Splits: 1:43, 1:42, 1:41, 1:40. Good to see Keith go faster each effort, that's the best way to construct a set. Merimbula Fun Run this weekend for Keith.

Stromlo XC 3 x 600m ; Keith 4 x 3 minutes

Stromlo XC Circuit 3 x 600m efforts, 2 minutes recovery jog. Splits: 1:56, 1:54, 1:50. Not flat out today, still recovering from 10000m two days ago. 14km all up including 5 x 100m strides.

Keith in Bemboka 4 x 3 minute efforts. Pace: 3:31/km, 3:42/km, 3:25/km, 3:42/km. Another solid session for Keith. A similar warm up and warm down.

Next set for me on Thursday a 6km low key fun run on bike path.

ACT Masters XC Handicap West Stromlo 7.5km ; ACT 10000m Joshua Torley 30:50

XC handicap over 7.5km this morning cool, just a breeze. The course hilly on fire trails. Mostly down first half, mostly up second half of out and back. I ran at 4:40/km roughly which is solid on that course.

Drove home and did what I could to prepare for 10000m track a couple of hours later. Joshua Torley 1st 30:50. I was a distant 2nd 35:13. 3rd Andrew Leigh 36:54. Weather was sunny, just a breeze, around 18 degrees in the shade (we weren't in the shade). Quite nice for running although a water station would have been handy! The sun above was dehydrating.

I was on 33:20 pace for 2400m, sub-34 for 4400m (but slowing) before realising that goal was impossible and ran steady to finish with a last lap of 70. Joshua was on fire early (sub-30), also faded a little with the sun at High Noon.

All up I got what I deserved. Hard session day before, solid run in morning, no breakfast or lunch, not properly tapered. On the positive a good training session and I stuck it out to the finish.


1500m Set : Stromlo XC 3 x 600m, 400m Recovery ; Keith in Bemboka 6km Tempo 4:24/km

Heavy rain overnight made Stromlo XC Circuit very wet and slow. That didn't stop me running my fastest 600m XC set ever. Splits: 1:47, 1:44, 1:43 off 400m jog recovery. Who knows what I could have done with dry shoes and firm track. Kathy also there running at 4:10/km. Roger cruising around.

All up including 5 x 100m strides, warm up and warm down 12km. An easy 10 minute jog to loosen up. 105km last 7 days. I race best of 85km last 7 days. Unsure how I will run in the 10000m tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning ACT Masters XC Handicap 8km. I will use as a warm up for 10000m just after lunch.

Keith in Bemboka ran a 6km Tempo t 4:24/km. Next week is Merimbula Fun Run. Another step for Keith as he nears age 60 and the next age group.