ACT Masters 5000m Championships ; Stromlo XC Intervals 5 x 3 minute efforts

This morning at Stromlo XC Circuit 5 x 3 minute intervals with 60 seconds jog recovery. We had a good crew out there this morning, all running well in nice conditions. We used the undulating 2500m and 2000m loops for the set.

Thursday night at track was ACT Masters 5000m Championships. Most had good runs, some great runs. Strong headwind of 4m/sec made things tough but if there was a body in front not so bad. Kathy, Steve and Keith ran well. Helen had the run of the night with a season best for the 3000m split and 5000m. Probably the best she's run since World Championships in 2016. Helen did all the work into the wind and dropped all who were hugging her heels. She gave Robbie 100m head start in the early laps, reeled him in and race him to the line in the final laps.

Of me: I used the evening as training again. 3000m early pacing KT to a season best of 12:51. A short time later 800m in 2:41. 5000m in 16:59. I wore training shoes for the first two, spikes for the 5000m. Wearing s…

Stromlo XC Intervals 3 x 600m ; Keith Track Session

This morning at Stromlo XC circuit 3 x 600m efforts. Steve ran the set early, I needed more time for stretch and foam rolling, a little later. Keith on grass in Bega some short intervals. 600m splits: Steve 1:49, 1:48, 1:49. That's three solid efforts, suffering from chest infection. Helen 2:37, 2:32, 2:25. Me 1:47, 1:44, 1:43.

Keith in Bega 2 x 200m 37,36 ; 2 x 300m 57,59, 2 x 400m 82,86.

It's 5000m on Thursday evening at track. I'm expecting to run. Last two days were long recovery runs of 90 and 75 minutes. Video from Coombs Parkrun.

Parkrun Coombs 5km XC 17:13 2nd

This morning 235 runners ran Parkrun Coombs inaugural event. A few of my friends took part and had fun and great results. Amazing to see how many of them top 15 in age standard terms (Ann and Helen both in top 7 ast along with myself). The course all XC surface out and back with grass, dirt and gravel, undulating with the first 1500m mostly down and the last 1500m mostly up, otherwise undulating, quite a few deep erosion trenches to jump or dodge.

Of me: ITB issues still at play. Jim 3rd today has the same issue coming from the same spot and treating it the same way. I am over 120km this week, running really well again, not much to complain about. I have to get a rolling and stretching routine happening all day to keep things moving along until it subsides.

Jim led the first 500m, I took over and led until 1km to go, didn't have much left in the last 800m all up. On my limit all the way. Once again in not my fast shoes. Splits: 8:21, 8:51 =17:13. Lost 15 seconds running up hill an…

BBQ Stakes Maximum Threshold 6km 21:46 ; Jen 20km ; Keith 20km

At lunch a 6km maximum threshold run on the tough and undulating mostly XC course. Both Helen and myself ran 10-15 seconds quicker than last week, our best times since November 2017. Once again running in training shoes for both of us. I could peel off another 30 seconds in racing flats.

This morning Jen ran a lower threshold run around the lake of 20.2km in 1hour 51 minutes. That's just as quick as her run on Sunday in a half marathon...amazing. Jen has been constantly improving over the last few months and is ready to race Marathon de Paris in a few weeks.

Keith had a munching day with two 10km runs, to and from the local bakery. Not sure if it was negative calories.

Stromlo XC Intervals 4 x 600m x 2 sets

This morning at Stromlo 22km including sets back to back with Steve at dawn and Helen after completion of set 1. Both ran identical sets. Weather cloudy with some wind. Balloons in the sky but having a rough time of it. Better weather on the weekend when Jen ran 1:53 for the half marathon, all-time PB as W60+.

The set: Warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 4 x 600m efforts undulating terrain, warm down.

Splits: Steve 1:57,1:53,1:49,1:46. Helen (first two paced, last two chasing start) 2:46,2:28,2:26,2:25. Me (with Steve) 1:53,1:46,1:42,1:49 (with Helen) 2:46,2:28,1:52,1:51

Of me: Back into a normal training routine with ankle and ITB reduced to minor niggles. I'm still wearing trainers for sessions making the set today with Steve my best without spikes. Tomorrow 6km maximum threshold XC run. Thursday on track 3000m. Saturday Parkrun 5km XC.

Stromlo XC Intervals 2000m,1200m,1000m,800m ; 5 x 2 minutes ; Keith 5 x 1000m

Two sets this morning at Stromlo XC Circuit, 22km all up. Set 1 with Steve and Shane, set 2 with Ann and Helen. Weather warm, sunny, no wind. Balloons in the sky. I am still wearing training shoes for sessions as opposed to spikes until the ankle totally clears up. Most of my friends on the coast for the long weekend.

Set 1: 3500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2000m 6:57, 1200m 3:52, 1000m 3:16, 800m 2:30, 6km warm down. Steve was very good today pressing me in all the efforts and leading the final 800m. Shane not far behind also, has had only a couple of sets of this type.

Set 2: 2500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 5 x 2 minute efforts at just over 4:00/km, 60 seconds jog recovery, 3000m warm down. Both Ann and Helen very similar in speed.

Tomorrow morning a long run early to watch the Weston Creek Half Marathon on course.

Keith in Bemboka ran 5 x 1000m on undulating country road with 500m recovery. Pace was at 4min/km.

ACT Masters Track 1500m, 3000m ; Keith 7 x 400m

ACT Masters track featured steeple chase, 1500m and 3000m events. Weather was warm to cool and windy. Steve won the 1500m. KT, Helen and myself first three in the 3000m.

Steve looked very comfortable in the 1500m, his first short race of the season. KT improved again in the 3000m for the third consecutive week. Helen and I were backing up from a maximum threshold 6km XC yesterday. I felt great running with some grief in the later laps wearing in new shoes.

It's a long weekend in Canberra. Many will be away on coast. We'll do some sets aimed at a 5000m in two weeks.

Keith in Bega ran 7 x 400m on soft wet grass track. Splits:,76,77.