Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stromlo XC : 3 x 600m Power Hills

Late autumnal afternoon, winds blowing, cool, just Helen and myself.

The set: 2500m warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 600m of wind sprints (5 x 50m efforts), 3 x 600m hills on moderate incline (Me: 1:59, 2:00, 1:57 ; Helen 2:32, 2:31, 2:33). Hills done at 90% effort with jog back recovery. Felt great.

As an additional warm up I ran 5km prior to session.

Next set: Long Intervals on track or XC. Will wait on the weather.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Long Run with Black Mountain ascent

Terrible weather this morning with rain, strong winds and a passing cold front. I stuck to the bitumen for the first half, bike path down to lake, with the wind to the base of Black Mountain, ascent and return via bush trails. All up just over 90 minutes.

The climb up Black Mountain on road, 2.7km with average gradient 8.9%. When I was a cyclist I would do time trials up this road in 9 minutes. I was almost twice that time today.

House 610m asl, 1km from home 650m asl, lake 577m asl, Black Mtn summit 812m asl, home 610m asl.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Long XC Step Down Intervals

Some rain overnight, the track was mostly dry. Weather still, warm, humid. Large group this morning (nine of us), set recovery interval long enough so we could re-group after each effort. A large difference in running speed. We used the hilly 2500m loop now track has stopped. Loads of athletes out there including Deek with some young indigenous running athletes.

The set: 3000m warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute efforts with 2 minutes jog recovery to re-group (fastest jogs back, slowest jogs forward, everyone meets in the middle), 1500m warm down.

Of me: My first effort was spot on 3:20/km, maintained that through to the final two efforts an increase in speed, the last 1 minute full gas.

This afternoon another run to take volume last 7 days to 120km and an average of 111km per week for April (including taper for AMA Championships). It's my 16th consecutive month of average 110km+. Tomorrow a long recovery run. Next set on Tuesday with short XC intervals at 5000m pace.

Inspiration Comes From : City2Surf Part 1 : 1978-1982

Entries opened for City2Surf this week and I've entered after missing last year due to World Masters Athletics Championships in Lyon, held at the same time.

I'll be posting a series of articles in coming months based on three topics of inspiration for me: 1. City2Surf -- 2. Robert de Castella -- 3. The rivalry between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett

My first ever race was City2Surf in 1978 at the age of 16. I can't even recall training for it...just front up and run. I covered the hilly 14km distance in 72:42 and placed 6122nd. 1979 after some training 53:28 and 376th. I didn't run in 1980 or 1981 (not sure why?). In 1982 I ran 45:32 and 31st. By sheer luck I was the first 20 year old and won an all expenses trip to Tokyo, Japan for a week or so. I was inspired forever. I was inspired by the race itself, especially by the winners, a little afraid of having my name printed in the newspaper for all to see.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Long Run including 5 x 450m Hills

Long run from home incorporating my first hill session in a while. 4.5km warm up, 5 x 450m hills (1:49, 1:45, 1:42, 1:40, 1:37) with jog down recovery in 2 minutes, 9km warm down. Just completed the session before the evening light was gone. The weather is still very warm for late autumn, sadly not enough light to do anything much with it.

Next set on Saturday, long step down cross country intervals. Next race on 19th May, I have to hand back the trophies I won last year in the ABS Fun Run 7km+.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Short XC Intervals : 5000m Session

Perfect day with no wind, warm to cool. Great weather for running. Just Helen and I today.

The set: 5000m warm up, 4 x 100m, 4 x 600m efforts on undulating surface, 400m jog recovery (1000m loop), 2500m warm down. Both used a beeping watch and 100m posts for a guide. Goal for Helen 24 or 4:00/km, achieved 3:53-4:00/km. Goal for me 20 or 3:20/km, achieved 3:08-3:20/km.

Both still fatigued since hilly 10km race 2 days ago. Next set in 2 days, something longer, probably on XC surface again.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Long Run ; Romantic Picnic

This morning a long run of 85 minutes in the Arboretum, a beautiful day, cold at 9am but warmed up nicely.

This afternoon a romantic picnic of sorts.