Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stromlo XC 5000m Paced Intervals : 5 x 600m

Back to Stromlo again on consecutive days. Weather cloudy, cool and a little wind. No spikes again (resting the feet), just Helen and myself.

The set: Long warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 5 x 600m efforts all in the range 3:05-3:08/km, long warm down. Helen was in the range 4:05-4:08/km. Both of us running well.

Next set on Thursday, waiting to see what venue and weather, it may be on track, maybe not. We race ACT Masters XC Handicap 10km on Sunday with a lighter 5000m paced session on Saturday. Following weekend is Canberra Times Fun Run 10km and a taper week before that.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Stromlo Long XC Step Down Intervals ; 6,6,5,2,1 Minute Intervals

Dismantling the equipment from the weekend's Australian XC Championships this afternoon at Stromlo. Some trucks crossing the course and a dog on the loose as well chasing a kangaroo. Other than that nobody there. Weather similar to the weekend with wind, cloud and drizzle (no snow).

The set: 6,6,5,2,1 minute intervals on the same hilly 2.5km loop used on the weekend. Recovery was 1 minute float. Pace was 3:30/km first 3 intervals, kicking down to below 3:20/km last two efforts. Wearing training flats today so pace was 10 seconds/km slower than with spikes. Warm down made 16km for the day, 125km last 7 days.

I'll be running a shorter session tomorrow at Stromlo again with 5000m paced XC intervals.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Australian XC Championships 10km ; Weekend Ketchup

Spent Saturday morning watching the Australian XC Championships at Stromlo. Great racing in very tough conditions (wind, cold, snow). A couple of Masters racers from Australian Masters Athletics Championships in Adelaide were running. Daniel from Tassie and Paul from South Australia. I only managed 30 minutes of running before heading away for the weekend.

Keith ran Tuggeranong Parkrun 5km earlier in the day with splits: 3:46, 3:38, 3:42, 3:39, 3:32. Keith's in good form.

I headed out to the bush weekend away with a few friends. The Saturday PM session was 15km with a 6:30 power hill included mid-session. The Sunday run was 20km in 76 minutes, very solid all the way with a couple of big hills. I did a 2km loosener after the drive home.

The weather doesn't look good this week. I will run 6,5,4,3,2,1 minute efforts at Stromlo this afternoon with 30 seconds float recovery.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keith in Bega 4 x 600m ; Me in ANU 1500m-800m Paced Session 8 x 200m

Keith in Bega after warm up 5 x 100m 17-18 seconds, 4 x 600m 1:57-1:59, warm down.

Yesterday I skipped the session at Stromlo ran 18km again. I did pace Helen through a series of 10 x 100m efforts at 5000m race pace just to keep the legs going while still recovering from City2Surf 14km

Today I felt much better, after warm up 8 x 200m efforts on grass with 60 seconds jog recovery, started at 1500m pace or 36 seconds, reducing every effort until under 800m pace or 29 seconds, warm down recovery. In afternoon another 60 minute run, 18km for day again.

I'll try to fit in a session tomorrow before watching the Australian Cross Country Championships at Stromlo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stromlo : Long XC Intervals 4 x 1000m : 10000m-5000m Pace ; Keith in Bega

Weather mild, windy, sunny until the sun went down behind the hills. On my own today.

The set of 18km included 4 x 1000m efforts (3:23, 3:16, 3:13, 3:12). I was very sluggish on the first effort, not much better on the second, felt good on the 3rd and 4th efforts. I'm still fatigued a little from City2Surf but not sore at all.

Next set on Thursday, weather dependant. It will be similar as today's set. A longer set scheduled for the weekend.

Keith in Bega warm up, 5 x 100m, 2000m 7:28, 1750m 4:05, 1440m 5:00+, 940m 3:19, 420m 87, long warm down. A big day for Keith, training Keith post-session.

Monday, August 15, 2016

City2Surf 2016 : After the Ordeal

Before the ordeal Keith in Bemboka ran warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 5km time trial at 3:41/km. A niggle forced Keith to walk back to the car post session. Hope you are well Keith.

I lined up at the start of City2Surf with Steve and Jane. They were both taking the race in a casual manner, running together. We were well back off the start line where I usually aim for. Shannon jumped the rails shortly before the start. It was very social back there.

Today 18km solid to the arboretum and back. I felt in some ways better than yesterday. Hopefully what held me back in the latter part of last week is gone. It's still winter here and people are sick everywhere I look. Hard not to be fighting something off.

Looking ahead Canberra Times Fun Run 10.1km is in 3 weeks. Tomorrow will start a new training block in direct preparation for the final racing block after Canberra Times Fun Run and leading into World Masters Athletic Championships in Perth. More on that after the planned light session tomorrow on grass at something around 1500m / 3000m pace, depending on how I feel. It will be windy.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

City2Surf 2016 14km

City2Surf is a race like no other I've ever done. It's more carnival than road race with 80000 entrants and 99% of those social runners.

This year's edition had fine weather, some wind especially in the final 6km, the course changed from previous years and for no good reason. [I have to mention baggage was a debacle] For us it was up at 5am drive to Centennial Park by gate open at 6am, jog to the start and drop off baggage, find the start, race, find friends, find a bus, find food and coffee, walk to Centennial Park, drive home 300km.

Of me: It was my final day of a four month build up phase. I had a jog along the bay on the day before, only 4km. I felt awful, not tapered well enough, abandoned the racing flats for training shoes to run in. I didn't bother with a proper warm up, took the race steady until after heartbreak hill, then started chasing runners more tired than me. Time was among my slowest, can't expect any better really with low motivation and training shoes. I'm not sore so should be ready to start direct preparation phase leading into Canberra Times Fun Run 10km in a few weeks where I will be wearing racing shoes and will be fully tapered. More results later.