Steve 4 x 6 Minute efforts, 2 minutes recovery ; Training Camp Venues World Masters Athletics Championships 2018

Steve this morning 4 x 6 minute efforts with 2 minutes recovery. Splits: 3:44/km, 3:41/km, 3:38/km, 3:41/km. That's another recent PB set. The numbers improving every week to follow his other sets. His average rate for this set has gone from 3:59/km to 3:41/km in three sets over two weeks.

An easy 40 minute jog for me this morning, an easy 45 minute jog later in the day at Beaune. Risks of hail all around.

I've been scouting venues for training in August next year, preparation for World Masters Athletics Championships Malaga in September 2018. Albertville is firming as a venue along with Annecy, altitude camp on Col du Galibier, Lyon for access to synthetic track for speed sets. Image from the venue this morning in Albertville. The bike path along the River works for 600m-2000m efforts as well.

5000m Paced Intervals : 6 x 600m

Today on bike path by a river 6 x 600m efforts. I did this same session four days ago. Today the set much better. Surprising given the last two days of mountain climbing at pace.

Splits today: 205,156,155,152,154,151. Splits 4 days ago: 208,206,159,201,158,155.

I am running Parkrun on Saturday. Tomorrow and this evening will be easy running to aid recovery, still holding around 130km last 7 days. I expect this Parkrun to be a little snappier than last Saturday.

6 x 600m ; 2 x 8km Strength Hills Col du Galibier (Tour de France)

A few days ago after the Tour de France start in Laissac a very long drive to Bourg d’Oisans, foot of Alpe d’Huez. Morning run at Oissans included 6 x 600m efforts. Splits:(208,206,159,201,158,155). Shortly after a drive to Col du Lautaret, foot of Col du Galibier. We spent 3 nights here and on the other side waiting for Tour de France to catch up.

I waited 24 hours to acclimatise before a serious running climb from Col du Lautaret 2060m asl up to Col du Galibier 2642m asl. Official climb in this direction is 8.7km. Gradient varies between 5%-8% with steeper pinches and switchbacks at 9% near the summit. The run steady at just below threshold. Many vehicles and cyclists on route. The road was closed later that evening, a day before the race came. Roads were also closed between Bourg d’Oissans to Grenoble and Briancon has been closed to through traffic for days. As always it’s a logistical challenge.

The climb: Warm up 3:07, Official Climb start at 8.7km: 8km: 3:31, 7km 4:59, 6km 5:2…

Steve 5 x 3 Minute Efforts ; Keith 3 x 1500m Efforts and 8 x 400m Efforts

Steve 5 x 3 minute efforts, his 4th and best set of this type in this build up (consistency rocks!). Splits: 3:37/km, 3:34/km, 3:35/km, 3:32/km, 3:30/km. He has taken his average from 3:45/km to 3:33/km in four sessions. Still a way to go yet.

Keith 8 x 400m efforts. Splits: 78, 76, 80, 78, 80, 80, 80, 81. Keith has been training hard for weeks now and in good shape. Still a long time until he can use that from to break some records. Staying injury free, listening to the body, not overtraining, being patient and consistent will get him to October and track season. Keith said in snowed in Thredbo. Hope it's a good snow year.

few days ago Keith in Bega ran 3 x 1500m (5:14, 5:14, 5:19), 400m 88, 600m 2:07. Recovery was 300m jog plus 2 x 100m strides in 20 seconds. 4.5km warm up, warm down plus 5 x 100m strides in 17 seconds. Keith says snow is on the way. He was right.

Long Recovery Run ; Steve 3 x 600m XC Intervals

Yesterday at the stage finish of Tour de France in Rozez some walking to and from 4km to go into stage finish and back. Last 2km I ran as a hill effort, max threshold. Recovery run was in Laissac, start of the stage today. This afternoon a long recovery run.

Steve today at Stromlo 3 x 600m XC efforts, his first of this type in a while. It should speed up the progress to a quicker 10km and 5km. Splits: 2:01, 1:57, 1:56

Next stage of Tour de France may be over Col du Galibier. Briancon is such a pain to get through and our next Parkrun to the north is better accessed via Albertville. I'll check the maps.

Play of the day in Rodez was Michael Matthews winning the stage ahead of Greg Van Avermat. Looks like MM knew his target from this snap I took with 4km to go.

Parkrun La Ramee 5km 17:11 2nd ; Keith in Bemboka

This morning a stop off at Parkrun La Ramee in Toulouse, not far from the Tour de France start in Blagnac. The course mostly cross country on grass, single track, forest paths, two sections of pavement, two non-identical laps. I had someone to chase all the way which was helpful as the course route is complicated. A small field of mostly ex-pat Brits and a few French. Weather very warm and humid (nice:-)

17:11 for me, Minnie 26:47. It was a fun morning. We ran the two laps plus a bit more as warm up. I was full gas the whole way except first 500m. That's about all I can expect on 130km+ last 7 days.

Next stop Rodez for the stage finish of Tour de France.

Keith in Bemboka 2000m 7:53, 1700m 6:14, 1300m 4:55, 850m 3:24, 300m 65

Recovery Run in Foix

Today 17km recovery run to Foix and back for the Tour de France stage finish. Tomorrow is a Parkrun near Toulouse if all goes well. 128km last 7 days.