Stromlo XC Intervals 800m Set 2 x 600m, 400m jog

At Stromlo XC circuit this morning for a short 800m race pace set. Weather sunny, warm and some wind.

The set: 1500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 2 x 600m efforts with 400m jog recovery, 1500m warm down.

Splits: 1:49, 1:41. Final effort of 1:41 is my 2nd fastest effort all time. I did run 1:40 a few weeks ago and have only run 1:41 a couple of times. I'm in good shape for 800m.

At lunch a 10km recovery run. This afternoon a pacing set at Stromlo with Jen who manganed to run 20 seconds per kilometre quicker than previous week in 4 x 600m efforts.

Next couple of days just short runs with strides. Oceania Masters Athletics Championships 5000m on Saturday, 800m Sunday, 8000m XC on Monday. Weather will be variable with some rain.

AIS Track 800m Set : 4 x 100m, 2 x 400m, 2 x 200m

Afternoon session on track. Weather very warm and very windy. My last track set for the 800m I'll be running in a few days at Oceania Masters Athletics Championships in New Zealand.

The set: 4 x 100m(17,16,15.3,14.8) ; 2 x 400m(68.9,67.4) ; 2*200m(31.0,30.2) all off short recovery. Long warm down on Mount Painter making 14km for the day, 118km last 7 days. Slowly taking off the volume. Should be around 90km by Saturday for Day 1 of the Championships.

Tomorrow morning 3 x 600m efforts at Stromlo, last effort hopefully quick. 6km at lunch. Thursday and Friday traveling to NZ, just 5km each day of easy running, maybe a few strides.

Dromana Two Bays Trail Run 28km

Steve, Jane and Jen were down in Victoria for this run today. A 28km trail run, super tough challenge that attracted a top class field. All did well. Congrats.

Just a lazy 18km on grass for me. Cold and very windy. It will be colder tomorrow morning...single digits in January is very refreshing. I have planned a set at Stromlo in the morning at 3:10/km or better and an 800m specific set on track in the afternoon. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Stromlo XC Intervals 8 x 600m + 200m, 400 jog recovery

This morning at Stromlo, warm, very windy with drizzle. Training on my own with reduced recovery a 5000m set. The set: 1500m warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 8 x 600m efforts with 400m jog recovery + 200m. 1500m warm down.

Splits: 1:55,1:55,1:53,1:53,1:54,1:52,1:50,1:48) + 200m 33. All efforts were affected by the wind.

This afternoon a short recovery run. Tomorrow a long recovery run. Next set Monday morning.

Australian Masters Athletics Championships Perth April 2018

Entries opened today for the Australian Masters Athletics Championships Perth in April 2018. I am entered along with two other people already. I booked flights and a hotel months ago.

I begin my Direct Preparation training block for the event when I return for Oceania Masters Athletics Championships in New Zealand next week. Events entered include 10000m track, 1500m, 5000m and 8000m XC, all on consecutive days.

I'm treating Oceania Masters as a training week with little taper. Australian Masters Athletics Championships is my first big event for the year. I'll be training as if it were the World Masters Athletics and with a full 10 day taper and all the sessions. Events will be held on the same XC course and main stadium used in World Masters Athletics Championships 2016 in Perth.

Below a virtual Australian Masters Athletics Championships Perth. Video from World Masters Athletics Championships.

Stromlo XC Tempo Run : 1200m, 1600m ; AIS Track 5 x 100m, 4 x 200m

Yesterday morning Steve and I both ran tempo runs on the 1km loop. Steve is racing a trail run on the weekend. I'm keeping my options open for another Parkrun 5km in lieu of track racing in hiatus.

Steve ran 3:58 for his 1200m effort which is sharp. I ran 5:16 for my 1600m effort, similar time to what I had done the previous day.

This afternoon at the Australian Institute of Sport track an 800m specific set. Short warm up, 5 x 100m (18,17,17,15.0,14.5), 4 x 200m (32.5,31.3,31.1,30.8). 5km warm down back at Stromlo again. I ran 8km at Stromlo in the morning. Volume is still at 130km for the week. It will be at 120km by Monday and a two day taper will have it at around 90km for the start of the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships in New Zealand next weekend.

Stromlo XC Intervals 3 x 1600m ; Jen 1600m,1000m,1600m

At Stromlo this afternoon, very warm with some wind. My first pacing set with Jen to help her 5km and 10km speed.

Set 1:(with Jen) Warm up, 5 x 100m strides, 1600m, 1000m, 1600m all paced at slightly quicker than her recent best Parkrun 5km PB. Jen ran super strong, last effort was well under target pace.

Set 2: (Solo) 2500m warm up, 3 x 1600m efforts with 400m recovery, warm down. Splits: 5:32, 5:18, 5:17. All up 18km for the afternoon, 126km last 7 days.

Next set tomorrow morning, a short set with Steve.