Tuesday, November 25, 2014

AIS Track : Short Lactate Intervals ; Humble Satellite Dish French TV

Steve and I at the track. Warm to hot and some wind in the back strait as usual. The set: 6.5km warm up, 4 x 100m (fastest 14.7), 5 x 300m with 100m jog recovery in 35-40 seconds. Total time 1500m=4:21, a little quicker for Steve. Difficult for me, still a bit chesty from the virus, very pleasing still quicker than last week.

Tomorrow I will test a few laps at track in the mile to see if it's OK to run on Friday in the ACT masters 3000m championship. I am hopeful.

Mr Jim x 2 arrived today to install a satellite dish and decoder purely for French TV, a way of encouraging my french as a second language in between visits. I started talking to Bella the dog in French last evening in preparation. Poor thing was a little confused at first although like most Border Collies would has now added 'pain au fromage avec tomat et moutarde' to her vocabulary in the 8pm time slot.

Places to Run : Verbier, Switzerland ; Keith in Bemboka

Keith today 5 x 100m, 5 x 300m (53,55,53,54,54) plus warm up and warm down. That's his final hit-out before ACT Masters 3000m on Friday evening. He's in great shape for a PB and maybe that ACT M55+ record of 10:14.

Verbier, Switzerland
Not so far from Mont Blanc on the border of Switzerland and France Verbier is known mostly for skiing and mountain biking...try to tell the cows that! It's pretty good for running too as the gravel roads above Verbier (1500m asl) climb gently but relentlessly up to 2200m+asl.

Like all of Switzerland the villages are immaculate and have a tasty choice of cafe's, eateries and patisseries. In July 2009 the visit was for Tour de France but also coincided with a jazz festival. As things would have it snow came on the second night. The Renault Kangoo was parked well above the village, near the golf course, on a gravel road near an Auberge (Inn). We did two runs, first full of snow up to a ski station, second the following day in a different direction but linked across the very top and down via the same route of the previous day. Very sad I didn't take the Nokia on run two. Pictures and a small video tell the story of day 1.

Monday, November 24, 2014

AIS Track : 3000m by Intervals

Very humid, warm and still this afternoon at track. Steve and myself: 6.5km warm up, 4 x 100m. The set: 1000m, 400m x 4 all with 100m jog recovery in 38 seconds. All efforts at 3:10/km. 2.5km warm down. Met Kathy back from Nepal out on the trails.

Helen repeat of above except 400m x 3 only and at 4:10/km.

Of me: Much better than I expected during the 100m strides, last in 14+ seconds, decided to do the set with Steve. Coped very well with it, very good running technique all session, hopefully no health regression tmoz. I did enough not to race 5km tmoz on road. Will do a 300m or 400m lactate set on Wednesday if all is well.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Ketchup : 39 degrees and the Run for Your Lifeline Majura Parkway thingy

Keith ran at 5:15am on Sunday. The set: 3 x set of 400m, 800m, 600m all in under 3:20/km which is his training goal pace for 3000m of 10:15 (the ACT M55 record). The ACT Masters 3000m is on Friday evening. The weather looks promising for an 8pm or so start.

On Sunday at 7.30am a few braved the heat and lack of trees for a run on the new Majura Parkway before cars get to use it. Depending on fitness and tolerance of heat the results were slower than normal. Field in the 5km was weak, the 10km excellent (winners time 3-4 minutes slower than expected), the Half only a couple of minutes slower. Maria, Kelley and Gabe ran the 10km. All were in that 3-4 minute slower range so good runs in the conditions.

Of me: Started a run at 8am and limited it to 55 minutes to the Arboretum and back. The legs felt fantastic and effortless. Too bad about this virus. I will limit every day to under an hour easy and do some strides today at track. Not sure how long this thing will linger but reevaluate as days go by.

Yesterday I went back through the video archives to re-engineer 2009 and the the Tour de France stage that ended in Issoudun. We camped on course about 15km from the finish in car. It was a rest area with trees that had a toilet and sink but no TV reception. On race day we drove down the road to a hamlet called St Leger, around 10km from the finish and found tv in the car. The daily run was off the main road, through the hamlet and back a few times doing long intervals of 5 x 3 minutes with 1 minute recovery. The tour caravan came through tossing out the usual goodies. By that stage we had everything we wanted (except the savoury and sugar snacks) and gave away to young children who happened to be those of the mayor of St Leger. Animations by the hamlet folk for the tour included tractor, riders on horses and hay bales all dressed up in red, blue and white as it was Bastille Day (the national day). Of course these efforts made the television by helicopter and Minnie made it too standing (with permission) next to the tractor. We were invited to stay with the family of the mayor that evening but declined for the comfort of the Renault Kangoo and a spot in a hay field on the edge of Vatan (a few kilometres away and start of the next stage)...that's another story. Some images from that day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Head cold : Steve and Jane

Started with a sore throat on Tuesday evening,  by Friday evening a head cold. Had Friday no running. Thursday at track eliminated the 1500m as a precaution but no success in stopping the inevitable.

Today missed the morning session, will have to run this afternoon to stay on track for races in coming weeks (I did 37 mins, saw one brown snake at close range of 60cm).  At this stage will run easy all weekend. Monday session as normal, will race 5km on Tuesday road and freshen up for Friday and ACT Masters 3000m championship.

Today a lazy effort. Watched Science of Sleep while I convert some old tv files recorded on pc in 2011 during 3 months in France, Italy, Switzerland. Looking for as much  footage on Cadel Evans before I make a little micro-doc.

Triple Tri has been cancelled, total fire ban in ACT.

Steve and Jane at Stromlo: Steve: 2000m 6:59, 1500m 5:08, 1200m 4:08, 800m 2:36, 400m 68...10 seconds up on last week. Jane: 2000m 8:14, 1500m 6:10, 1200m 4:55, 800m 3:10, 400m 90. Jane still getting back into it but gets to elite level quicker than anyone I know, it won't be long from here.

Some video screen grabs...Cadel x 3 and Minnie hogging tv behind Mr Wiggins at Criterium du Dauphine May 2011 at St Jean du Maurienne

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Humble Patch

The humble patch is starting to deliver again things other than leafy greens and carrots. Very soon it will be a vegan glut. I must be crazy for being excitable over producing 100 corn and pumpkins, 30 litres of raspberry, boysenberry and cabernet sauvignon wine (plus the berries that go on the morning yoghurt). For now it just looks pretty and new. The grapes have gone to flower along with the feijoa trees. maybe the hail gods will be kind this year.

ACT Masters Track : 3000m

Last play track race for 2014. All the remaining track races with be at 8pm, not 6pm with heat, sun and wind to contend with.

Results: Me 9:53, Steve 10:15, Keith 10:24, Roget 12:54, Helen 13:28. A big improvement for Steve on his last effort, Keith very good considering the 10km. Helen still had 1 more race to do, the 6 lap spiral handicap 8th 4:13/km. Roget 2nd 4:19/km. In the 1500m V beat all the boys 5:12 (then raced Em in the 400m, both 70 seconds) with SK 5:41.

Jane is making some progress, her 1km efforts down into the 3:50s. Maria ran 5km road in 22:20 on Tuesday.

Of me: Still a little tight in the hamstrings from Sunday. Early laps were good, cruising at 3:18/km. Dropped in a couple of 81 second laps in the final kilometre when the sun came out big time. No 1500m race. Looking forward to a big session on Saturday morning at Stromlo XC circuit. The magpie now has two children, is with his partner teaching the children worms and such and no longer swoops...until next spring!! The weekend will be very hot, must get everything done early.

Next race ACT Masters 3000m Championships on Friday with Athletics ACT. It will be around 8pm with minimal slower runners to lap and hopefully good conditions. My first flat out track race of the season.